This bath bomb is the most glorious shade of pink...purple...purpink?

Heyyy I made this cake and I'm super proud of it! I'll share the recipe if you want

Y'all LOOK at this adorable birdhouse @MmeLibertine got me for my birthday!! Me and Spouse built it today ♥️

Selfie, ec 

Birthday selfie because I actually put makeup on and I think it looks 🔥 lol


Selfies, ec 

The sides look good, but around the crown in the back there's a weird ring of ... Idk what color that is. Should I try to fix that, or just eff it and let it be? How bad is it really?

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Last time I baked this cake, the whole top stuck in the pan and crumbled 😭 but this time I had a better Bundt pan and a better oven lol.

Just gotta make the glaze! Hopefully it tastes as good as the broken one did last Christmas 🤞😂

[meme game]

Step 1: save the first image and use as a template to draw your own Untitled Goose

Step 2: share your Untitled Goose art with me

Step 3: ???

Step 4: profit

I finally found one of these cute af sherpas that has pockets, wasn't $100, AND covers my ass enough that I feel comfortable wearing it with leggings

[Selfie, no ec bc sunglasses]

Reception was so fun but the hall was way too hot. I am definitely getting sick. Nearly had to leave early but I think I looked professional through it all 😂😭🤒
(pic of a couple, ec)

Ceremony down, reception to go

(I only cried a little, also I'm p sure I'm getting sick bc my back & head hurts and I want to lie down)

Selfie, ec 

Step two of my hair transformation is complete! I'm a blonde again! I really like it even though the dark grey didn't come out evenly all over 😅 I think I might stick with this for awhile!!

New ask meme:

Tell me what type of energy I radiate. This can be anywhere from big dick energy to forest god energy

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