Planning to open tonight for the meteor shower in a little over a half hour. Drop by, friends! 🌠 #AnimalCrossing #ACNL

Oh but bring a watering can. There's this thing where if all your friends water the same flowers they explode into hybrids the next day. 😮

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@MmeLibertine I am already your friend so sure!

@demimom What's your FC? I wonder if I can add you while the gates are open

@demimom Okay, hold tight! I'll try in a minute and let you know. I already have people here is all

@demimom Hmm it says it's unable to find you, double check the code?


@zigg oh shoot! I transposed some numbers

@demimom Gotcha! Accept the request and see if you can join us in Niwa 🙂

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