actual question, has anyone actually played euro truck sim? how is it? i need a good chill game

league of legends is this weird worldwide fad centered around self flagellation and intentionally raising blood pressure

i am legend except every character but the lead zombie is a muppet

do you think the people scrubbing our profiles to make sure we're not terrorists ever have a good chortle because we're being absolute donkeys

shit i forgot that if i wanna play need for speed i have to have origin on my computer

that's basically malware

when i finish an episode of the daily i listen intently for michael to say, "here's
what else
you need

god what time is it
i'm not prepared for today
hi henlo it me

boutta throw myself into bed like uncle rico throws the football over them mountains

the basic plot of minecraft is that the world is made of nothing in particular and you're terrified, now don't look at that guy and kill his dad instead

the trick to shitposting is just screaming into the void as loudly as you possibly can until you feel like you're going to pass out and then going to sleep

leaving the house for the first time since the pandemic started and you get absolutely nailed by a truck hauling a trailer house

that's homestruck

gimme the BLEAT boys
and free my GOAT
i wanna vibe out on a grassy knoll
and simply graze

and then you'll go into trader joe's and find something like an imported blood orange soda

where the fuck do you get off

i went in there and bought a tub of shitty-looking chocolate chip cookies like you might find at the dollar tree and they didn't stand a chance

also wtf is it with trader joe's and having stuff that looks gross but is actually delicious beyond your wildest dreams

every time i go to trader joe's i shop like i'm so high that i can't walk and the end of the world is happening

this is gonna turn into a loosely related ramshackle assembly of semi intelligible bullshit so just sorta hang with me

i'm inspired because indica was described to me as in da couch

pall mall
blarple carpal

don't purple his nurple

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