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mental health resources for poc 

link: ethel's club, a black-owned and operated social club that offers access to black therapists and a bunch of creative events for poc

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Black Protests 😠 white Nonsense 

So. We need to straighten out a few things. I was following the protests on Twitter all night last night, and noticed two recurring themes.

The first is that a lot of Black protestors have been talking about how their protests were peaceful until a bunch of white people showed up and started wrecking shit.

Apparently, Black organisers have had to ask white protestors to calm down, and some Black protestors have had to put out literal fires which white people started.

We all know who gets the blame in these things. We all know who faces the harsh consequences and who gets to walk home without much hassle.

There are a bunch of reports of this stuff in a thread by @[email protected] (I trust him as a reliable source):

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Please donate to the Miami Bail Funds as well. Please donate toe orgs in Miami that are on the ground such as Miami Dream Defenders


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Omaha, Nebraska: A known local racist took the opportunity of last night’s protests to kill a young black man. We’re now going to be under curfew, and the National Guard is being brought in. Protests on the first night were peaceful, and OPD used tear-gas on them without any provocation. So this is just great. :/

On the plus side, I’ve seen a lot of posts about people chipping in with community cleanup efforts. Once there’s more info about the murder, I’ll post it.

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asking for monetary help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

aight i've found someone i can stay with in seattle

now i just need to raise money to actually get up there

i need around $200 for a train ticket and anything else you can spare for everything that'll come after (phone bill, food, etc.)

my paypal is

thank you so much, all of you, for everything

:blacker_heart: :blacker_heart: :blacker_heart:

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Links to three own voice books by black women that drop 06/02 

A Song of Wraiths and Ruins: two warring families and the children of which must kill to ensure their family's legacy:

A Song Below Water: two best friends trying to survive high school in a world of demons and sirens when a murder upends their reality:

You Should See Me In A Crown: a girl fighting for prom queen but more importantly- the scholarship attached to it! but the competition in the race for queen is derailing all of those plans (wlw)

ahh posthumanism in avatar: the last airbender

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Asking For Assistance // I'm Sorry // :boost_ok:​ 

I hate to ask I really do but I woke up to a bill coming out early and it left me completely broke. I now have no money for the week.

If you can help out in anyway I will love you forever.

lb if you want a reason to donate genderwrecked slaps so hard

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If you’ve already given to a Chicago bail fund and still have money left over, consider giving some to Assata’s Daughters. They are “an abolitionist organization led by Black women using a Black queer feminist lens and relationship-based tactics to organize bases of young Black people in divested-from areas of Chicago” and they’ve been doing great work for some time now.

@ArtistMarciaX ik you switched to self-hosted subscription/liberapay recently but mentioned that you haven't done that for la sangre llama, is that smth you're changing or am i good to buy it rn? ty :blobheart:

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Haymarket Books is offering a free eBook on the reality of police violence against black, brown and indigenous communities in the US. A collection of reports and essays exploring the violence and resistance to it.

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If you’ve liked my recent posts on white fragility and have any income, please consider donating to @ArtistMarciaX - my intellectualized articulation of antiblack racism on the fedi is their actual lived experience.

Subscribe to their art here:
Another way to make a monthly contribution:
Make a one time payment here (minimum donation €5):

If you’re nonblack and you can’t donate, then you can’t. You don’t have to beat yourself up about it - that doesn’t help you or anyone else. But also don’t attack black people on the fedi for having needs or expressing emotions. Don’t make your limitations black people’s problem.

60 people favorited or boosted my post. If all those people donated €5 to Marcia’s GoFundMe, that would be €300. That would certainly be a start.

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There's a lot of struggling working class people on this site. There's also a lot of software developers.

The working class people are wringing their hands over whether or not they should stop their $5 a month Patreon contributions to artists in order to support the protesters.

Fellow software developers: Pony the fuck up. I mean four figures.

[wakes up] [instant stomachache] [sighs]

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Stop salivating over burning capital. Stop salivating over other cities "rising up" because all y'all can do with it is get exciting about what benefits YOU get from it and conveniently misremember the many many many many many many black folks who had to suffer and die to get this far.

We aren't a thought experiment. We aren't your laborers. We been dying since they brought us over on these ships, it's BEEN like this.

Show some damn respect.

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Yo, if you wanna be allies and supportive of the actions being taken in various cities around the US, consider a few things:

1) It's not just "police violence." Shut up about how you hate the police. It's about state sanctioned genocide against B L A C K people right now. Talk about your feelings and center yourself some other time. You are an ally, therefore your thoughts and your takes are irrelevant.

Stop colonizing our lives, our deaths, and our work.

i love you all so much please take care of yourselves and stay safe out there no matter what you're doing and where you are

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