overwatch, Clockwork Vendetta 

overwatch, talkin' bout Clockwork Vendetta 

technically still a work in progress (i have two more latches to print out) but i managed to 3D print an #overwatch lootbox! ​:overwatch:

it was a few weeks ago and tbh i've just played on alt accounts since then lol

gotta un-psych myself out about climbing on main again

I am still actively planning and working on creating that system to help connect streamers to vetted nonprofits and vice versa to best help create a better sense of charity in gaming.

i feel like VR has a few more death/rebirth cycles before it's really practical enough to become more ubiquitous

remember when VR/AR were super hype 🤔

gameing configuration ramble 

i think i have said before, i'll say again

changing mouse dpi/sens sucks. everything is terrible for at least a week

favorite streamers, my recommendations 

favorite streamers 

favorite streamers 

We got our pretty Sub-badges for our Twitch channel now!

Thank you sweet @Mouse

favorite streamers 


I'm playing in Day 1 of the Overwatch Pretenders league's All-Star Game

Day 1 is casual / fun with representatives from each team in the league playing

Day 2 will be more of a competitive showcase with players the community views as the best players in each division



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