overwatch, Clockwork Vendetta 

I think if CV teaches us anything, it's not that composition is meaningless, but something more like this:

- coordination (and individual skill) beat out "good" composition that's less coordinated

- sometimes you need to be really patient. CV has no speed. They have a primarily defensive main tank. They *have* to take it slow and wait for opening

- people should stop complaining about composition in ranked and try to work with what they've got

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overwatch, talkin' bout Clockwork Vendetta 

So, the story:

team Clockwork Vendetta (CV) one-tricked an unusual comp to the top of Open Division EU, then beat out Paris Eternal's Academy team in Contenders Trials EU, relegating Eternal Academy back to OD and moving CV up to Contenders EU

Obviously this is kinda rocking the boat a bit, because this comp "shouldn't work". They ran this (or a close variant) on every map in every match on both attack and defense.

technically still a work in progress (i have two more latches to print out) but i managed to 3D print an #overwatch lootbox! ​:overwatch:

it was a few weeks ago and tbh i've just played on alt accounts since then lol

gotta un-psych myself out about climbing on main again

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I am still actively planning and working on creating that system to help connect streamers to vetted nonprofits and vice versa to best help create a better sense of charity in gaming.

i feel like VR has a few more death/rebirth cycles before it's really practical enough to become more ubiquitous

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remember when VR/AR were super hype 🤔

gameing configuration ramble 

a month or two back, i went to

1200 DPI * 1.86 in-game sensitivity = 2232 eDPI

aka "super ridiculously low". but it helped me resolve a lot of issues around _how_ i aim. but i quickly realized it was far too low and it was impeding my ability to react quickly to things close up

so now i'm at

1200 DPI * 3.0 in-game = 3600 eDPI

and everything feels so fast, my cursor control is awful, i can't flick anything

give me a week or two... but right now it sucks

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i think i have said before, i'll say again

changing mouse dpi/sens sucks. everything is terrible for at least a week

favorite streamers 

oh ya fitzyhere is good too :)

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favorite streamers 

ml7 is a new favorite, he's just so amazing at this game, such a smart guy (studying to be a lawyer right now????, and still has time to be a boss at the game?), and just legitimately seems like he's always having so much fun when he plays the game

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We got our pretty Sub-badges for our Twitch channel now!

Thank you sweet @Mouse

favorite streamers 

it's all overwatch, the game eats my entire brain i'm sorry sorry sorry


they're all personable, generally positive, and reel smort


I'm playing in Day 1 of the Overwatch Pretenders league's All-Star Game

Day 1 is casual / fun with representatives from each team in the league playing

Day 2 will be more of a competitive showcase with players the community views as the best players in each division



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:overwatch: recruitment 

any of my masto :overwatch: friends below 2750 SR (on PC) want to join a team?

7Sins Academy is a new team forming for the Overwatch Pretenders league lower-SR division.

We're looking for players of all roles!

Previous experience with teams a plus, but the Academy team is really a place for folks to get experience and grow.

Positivity, empathy, willingness to take feedback are key desired attributes

sad thing is, i'm an off support main but these days i can't seem to get wins no matter what

meanwhile on my "play mccree as much as possible" account, i'm rocking nearly a 90% wr

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