@jk Make SD cards the size of CompactFlash cards


@Al_Goreman @mint They changed some difficulty stuff to make it easier or harder if desired, but from what I saw nothing questwise changed.

@Jo Just wait till they reboot that origin in a year and a half for the next decade.

Aka I'm bored which makes me wanna fiddle with flashcarts and play import games with translation patches and maybe I should find stuff to do.

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I'm looking at getting an inexpensive r4 clone cart to play random DS games on knowing there's a timebomb built into the kernel just so I can mess around with it (reflash it n stuffs).

Debating if it's worth it.

re: pain, slightly gross 

Good news is I'm fine. Just a little sore n tired.

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pain, slightly gross 

Woke up at 4AM with my ingrown toenail hurting pretty bad.

Poked it with a toothpick (all I had at the moment) and got a minor pus volcano.

Gonna need the epsom salt soak.

@tom Give it like 2 more years and we'll be back to video card boxes with the hot lady renders on em again.

...then give the components names. Should make for fun internet convos.

re: YouTube, petty 

@Jo Yeah. That ad is annoying!

Plus it just makes me hate unboxing videos in general now since there's 0 diff!

re: YouTube, petty 

@Jo Is it the one for that stupid mobile charger?

@AKAHayling That seems the likely culprit. If you take the cap card out of the equation I'd bet you'd get TV sound.

@AKAHayling Yeah, I just know I had problems with voice and it going to surround.

I assume you get sound when you undock it?

@AKAHayling Sound mode isn't set to surround or anything strange like that by chance?

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