Well, Bravely Second's done. While I work through FF7 Remake, I also wanna play something a little more ...turn based. I'm playing all action games right now.

Y'all know what that means. Choosify my fate again!

*FFT will be the PSP version on Vita. I just couldn't fit it in the poll!

Why am I looking at emulation handhelds?

Heck, I'm eyeballing saving some tax refund money for some kind of gadget like that, a rom cart, etc.

What should I do? Suggestions welcome

But seriously, dont say raspberry pi or hack a ps classic. Tried that. Was a mess. I dont wanna have to fiddle with things if I can avoid it.

Choose my evening. Go!

Today's being awful. Send me cool art and neat stuff please! I need the uplift and power of positivity on my side.

Today is being a butt so let's play a game.

What's the one game you've not played that would surprise people? Mine is Super Mario 64. Never had an N64 and for some reason I've just not taken the time to run thru it.

Can anyone give me some takes on the latest assassins creed games (origin and odyssey). I'm interested, they're cheap, and I need to whoop some fools.


Disgaea is done!!!! Only took 60 hours. Team underachiever rides yet again!

(also that DoubleJump guide is fan-freakin-tastic!~)

Phew, now to get to some games I really want to get back to-*ignores all of this and keeps playing Stardew Valley and inevitably restarting Rune Factory 4 yet again*

Cuz I feel like askin: Name games on the Switch I should check out that deserve more love.

(and I'm talking about the offbeat eShop kinda stuff).

So, does anyone have any good video game art books they'd recommend? I'm kind of a sucker for them.

I've never played RE2. The remake seems really interesting. Maybe I'll play that then the original ps1 version as a curiosity. Or maybe the other way round. Dunno. Brain stuff.

Just wanna say the Assist Modes in Celeste are a godsend. My eyesight's been all over the place the last few days (coming and going cuz med shit), and being able to slow the game down slightly is great.

So glad they did that! That game's great!

Let no one ostracize you for dropping a game because you're just not enjoying it. Your time is valuable. Spend it how you want.

However, don't be a butt about it. What you like isn't always the same in the other direction.

Btw, this just means that I'm not great at Disgaea games and I'm making a dedicated effort to learn how this genre goes since I missed it back in the day (and because the humor is totally my brand).

Trying something new is always interesting!

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HR Rathian Arena, 11.5 minutes. Need parts to fight Pink Rathian. I should work thru World cuz I wanna get Generations Ultimate but I don't have time gahhhhhh!

I'm done with Bravely Default - tapped out at the final chapter. I managed to vomit some words together here (I fixed the link sorry!): skippyongames.wordpress.com/20

It's not so much an elegant fancy post as much as it's just a stream of consciousness. I'll let the post do the talking.

Now for a much needed break so I can get back to Muv Luv.

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