Noelle put this up, and I'm down for doing this too. I'll make replies to this one so I'm not making messes.

(also, didn't at her so I don't do a bunch of accidental replies because I totally would!!!)


Video Game Music Challenge Day 1 

Video Game Music Challenge Day 2 

Sonic Adventure.

Seriously, that game's music is rad and a hidden gem (managed to sneak the Big the Cat Emerald Coast music into a video I made in high school once).

This is a helluva opening level theme tho. I must've played the demo for this 20 times before I could buy the actual game.

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Video Game Music Challenge Day 3 

Super Mario Bros 3.

Not much to say here because it's a classic.

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Video Game Music Challenge Day 4 

Doin' this a bit early because reasons.

Golden Sun.

This series and I have a bit of a history. I first played this in high school. Borrowed the cart from a friend the week before Spring Break. I was so damn determined to rip thru it before the end of the week so I didn't have to hang onto it during break.

Binged so hard I was havin' dreams about the game and hearing the soundtrack when I wasn't playing it. Somehow I don't think this was a wise decision on my part in retrospect.

Specifically this song, and then I'd get sad because NOTHING good would happen if you heard this one.

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Video Game Music Challenge Day 5 


I freaking LOVE this game (I swear I've somehow bought every release of it over the years). The world travelling theme is always one of my faves. I need to play Okamiden at some point.

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30 Day Video Game Music Challenge Day 6 

Cave Story.

This music has been lodged in my brain for years (I discovered it from Arfenhouse all those years back) and still LOVE that game to this day (even if the original shareware OGGs wouldn't quite work on my laptop and I got buzzes for certain tones haha)!

Also, screw you Nicalis!

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30 Day Video Game Music Challenge Day 7 (actually day 6) 

I goofed up and put the wrong day's stuff!!! Oops. Been a bit of a weekend.

Tetris Effect. That music is just relaxing to me. I sit back and let it run through (plus ADHD brain loves the stimulation)

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30 Day Video Game Music Challenge Day 8 

DOOM (2016).

Seriously, I can't think of a more fitting shooter soundtrack. It's brash, intense, and great at stealing the show amongst the in-game carnage. Plus, the number of nods and easter eggs in the music (references to the original theme and the "666" added in one of the songs if you look at the waveforms via oscilloscope) is really freaking neat. Mick Gordon did a great job of taking the old-school and mixing it into something new and unique.

I still love listening to this one.

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30 Day Video Game Music Challenge Day 9 

Forgot to do this yesterday, but Ducktales (NES).

Bonus remaster theme:

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