Dear EVERYONE that does stuff about games: See this -

Then, do WAAAAAY more of this please, and especially this comment!!!


I am beyond over-fuckin'-joyed when people talk about odd/obscure games that deserve more love instead of the "LOL here's the worst games ever like-comment-subscribe" tripe that's been out.

Let's get past the cynical/jaded/angry YouTube gamesmasher armchair-quarterbacking and get back into the "here's cool/weird shit!"

Also, Binary Domain still slaps. Pitch: what if the Yakuza devs made a shooter with robots (and wasn't clunky like Yakuza: Dead Souls)?

@capn_pancakes This is why Errant Signal quickly became my favourite YouTube Content Creator ™️ when he started his 'Blips' series, which does exactly this.

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