Can anyone help me ID this shirt/game? Got it as a mystery shirt and I have no idea what it's from. Any help would be cool!

If it helps: came from the Yetee. May have been featured elsewhere.

I'm just curious because I couldn't place it. I feel like it's a reference to something. I just don't know what.

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@capn_pancakes i don't know who the shirt artist is (it's a very cool shirt!) but i recognize the game at least lol

@SuperCee I might see if I can track that down. Needed a starting point

@SuperCee @capn_pancakes maybe an older Yetee design, this does seem to jive with their designs...

@deejvalen @SuperCee it looks like yetee used to do something with tribute games (who published or made the game) but seems discontinued.

@capn_pancakes The big guy kinda looks like Lord Humongous from Mad Max 2.

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