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Just in case anyone's worried about following me, please feel free to send a request!

I have the lock on just so I can see who follows me and make sure 1) they're all right and 2) they're not a federation bot (I prefer organic follows).

HAY if were just bringing back old shit for nostalgia's sake, can we bring back taxing the shit outta the rich and companies?

dirty joke 

How long until we get reviews on Funko Pops around their functionality as a butt plug?

So when will Funko Pops get their own Funko Pops?

I need to know when I can get Meta-Nostalgic and collect it all!!!

It's my birthday today.

I have nothing inspirational to say here besides: fart.

But seriously, movie night faves among my group of friends:

- The Blues Brothers
- The Italian Job (the remake with Mark Wahlberg)
- The Rock
- Death Race (the Jason Statham one)
- The Transporter. Only the first.
- Fifth Element

Like, we typically go for the silly "blowed up real good" type movies. They're not masterpieces or nuthin, but always a good watch.

uspol, brain abuse? 

So I started watching that Axios Trump interview. It's as big a hot mess as you'd expect but there's like WAY more awful than just the memes goin round.

Took a break because I could feel brain cells just shutting down in self-preservation.

So wait, the preorder process for the Analogue pocket was as much of a mess as a vita game from LRG? Color me surprised.



Meta, subtoot 

Just because software is open source or certain people get paid doesnt meant security bugs dont exist.

Think about how long heartbleed was a thing for SSL.

Heck think about how long many places use old SSH or SSL ciphers.

Yay I gave Maggie a bath (she was rather stinky) and detailed the car this morning!

Now I can celebrate by literally doing nothing else.

Unpopular gameing opinion 

Beyond Good and Evil had an awesome world, didn't do nearly enough with the world they built and turning the game from "evil military" to "save the universe" was a waste.


Yay it's my birthday next week.

Maybe I'll celebrate by getting smashed and playing Sekiro.

re: uspol, USPS, maybe an awful line of thinking, kinda long 

Let's face it, the only time the GOP actually pretends to give a shit is when businesses get hurt.

Ask rural areas if they're willing to pay more for shipped crap from Amazon. Hint: Nope. Heck, living in a rural area it's often a pain to get certain things without ordering it. The pandemic made it even worse!

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uspol, USPS, maybe an awful line of thinking, kinda long 

Instead of going all "Fucking up the USPS is going to kill democracy and mail in voting!" (which let's be fair, GOP don't care) we should be going "Fucking up the USPS kills small businesses and entrepreneurs and will destroy the next Amazon! Free Market! ~fart~" would get more traction.

After all, that would be a hell of a lot harder to explain away.

30 Day Video Game Music Challenge Day 30 

I didn't forget!~

Link's Awakening. I like the original more than the remake - although that has a real Joe Hisaishi arrangement to it.

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