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Just in case anyone's worried about following me, please feel free to send a request!

I have the lock on just so I can see who follows me and make sure 1) they're all right and 2) they're not a federation bot (I prefer organic follows).

Why does every goddamn emulation handheld need to be titled
"Best Emulation Handheld of All Time!~!"?

...Can I just find a decent one that doesn't suck or is a pain to buy?

I also got a suggestion of National Treasure so there's the non-sequitur trifecta!

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I wanna watch some Nicholas Cage movies.

Send suggestions!

Challenge: Not Face/Off, Con Air, or The Rock.

I think today's a great day to do yardwork all afternoon.

As in sunny, tshirt temps, and not online.

<joke> In case you haven't lost your faith in humanity:

There are people that want a remaster of Super Mario Sunshine.

<joke> dirty word 

Work rant - mini 

Wait...they're putting Episode 1 Racer on Switch?


Time to choosify my fate once again! I finished Dark Souls 3. What do?

Note: I have all of these on PS4, and it's not like I can do anything else!

Other can be things like Code Vein, The Surge, etc.

had to fix the link cuz it got cut off somehow and wouldn't work. Sorry bout that!

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silly work rant 

Bravely second spoilers 

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Holy cow I know I'm late on this but the bravely series does such a good job with how well it can sneak really cool ideas into the games and story.

I'll CW spoilers in the next toot.

Holy crap, I marathoned thru some of the Resident Evil movies (2, 3, and 4) on Netflix and it's amazing how quickly those had diminishing returns post the first!

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