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Just in case anyone's worried about following me, please feel free to send a request!

I have the lock on just so I can see who follows me and make sure 1) they're all right and 2) they're not a federation bot (I prefer organic follows).

And yes, adjusting the laser on those is still pants - I should get an ODE for it at some point - although I'd love the price to come down on that.

Also, NEVER play Army Men: Sarges Heroes or Wild Metal unless you are willing to suffer.

I forgot that Thunderbolt Fantasy is rad. That's it.

Me: I'm an adult.

Also me: *buys a hot wheels car at the market*

What is a lozenge? 

discourse joke. 

Just think, theres still like 345 more fire emblem characters to add.

work, funny, mac vs PC "snobbery" 

If I'm going to wield a scalpel, I'm going to make sure I'm prepared to do so/relaxed/tea/classical music.

If it's a Sledgehammer, I'm probably just gonna do one stretch and put on some heavy music.

I've been meaning to whine about a specific Kotaku article/writer for a while now and I finally got to it:

(for the record, it's Jason and his tendencies to snark out on things where it's just unnecessary).

<joke> Quoth the Raven 

Also, I wanna play Odin Sphere next but can't decide if I wanna play on PS4 or Vita - because playing Muramasa on Vita is perfect.

All I want is a collection of all the food items art from Muramasa. Because all of those look so good!

Give Pokemon fans literally what they asked for, and they'll still whine.

Also, Lizstar's run of Mega Man 3 (DOS) is a fun watch if you missed it!

I should go thru and get a list of AGDQ runs to watch on VOD that I slept thru.

(skippin FF8 cuz obvious reasons)

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