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Just in case anyone's worried about following me, please feel free to send a request!

I have the lock on just so I can see who follows me and make sure 1) they're all right and 2) they're not a federation bot (I prefer organic follows).

Moral of the story: This was not planned. I was goofing around with tools and the next thing I knew this had come out.

Sometimes awesome stuff is made by goofing around.

Forgot to put this up a while back - was messing round with my tablet and this came out.

Paintbrush and smudge tools.

So I'm tempted to try dq5 and 8 for an hour each and use that as the test of which to play.

Lb: I still never got an answer from mashable on that shit.

That loud bouncing noise you heard was me bouncing off Outer Worlds.

It's alright, but for some reason I just find everything to be one extra step or mired in too many compromises to really dive into.

Please remember to CW political toots.

I understand that the world is a hellscape, but being able to decide if I have the spoons to read it is really appreciated. It helps me from an anxiety perspective and my overall mental state should I need to stay away from that right now.

Thank you for your consideration. Do a nice.

Wake n gambit.

Aka: I woke up 2.5 hours early n played destiny 2 while the caffeine kicked in.

Right-wing bellend 

Ugh, ended up waking early. Made an alt on Cactaur for random shenangians.

Remember when diablo 3 came out with a real money auction house then was ported to console with controller support and was better to play than mouse and keyboard?

Then torchlight 2, victor vran, van helsing, etc came out?

Good times

In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

I wanna see Michael jump out of the station wagon just to yell "well, actually"

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