DWP bullshit, crying 

Yeah, so, we got a letter from the DWP today. We owe them over £1000 that they overpaid. And by overpaid, I mean "the money we needed to live between Rune starting their new job and actually getting paid." Fuck the DWP and the government in general.


DWP bullshit, crying, asking for help 

I really hate doing this, but we really need the help. Please share. paypal.me/caelyne

DWP bullshit, crying, asking for help, Reddit link 

@caelyn I don't like linking to Reddit but it may be worth posting something on reddit.com/r/DWPHelp

They've got some good people on there

DWP bullshit, crying, asking for help 

@caelyn fsck them, and don't feel bad for asking, I know how that hurts too.

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