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Hello! I'm a new user who plays a bunch of FFXIV and does character art. Any follows to kickstart my account are appreciated! UwU

been rping this girl a lot lately... also managed to score a boyfriend on ffxiv so ??? there's that???

also heres a portrait of my ffziv character except human and contemporary

went ham with ffxiv for the past couple of days, feels good but also feels bad

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Wish #FFXIV didn't have multiple data centers for the same region. I understand having separate data centers for Japan, North America, and Europe, but I hate that I can't play with my friends who are also in North America, but on a different data center.

fast forward to me farmining it for two classes. ezpz

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the new ex trial is too hard 4 my pea brain help

Is anyone on elemental? Let's be friends 0w0

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reasons i have just paid off my mortgage in animal crossing new horizons:

❌ joy of doing a video game task

❌ wanted to have more room to decorate

✔️ needed more room to store my clothes in

is it bad that i already want a fantasia and a name change

been working on taking care of myself lately; so far i'm proud of how much studying and exercise i'm getting uwu

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Here's another bust of my other ffxiv character! She's a roegadyn!

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