re: autism, pseudoscience 

@RadiantEmber @kiilas That would require treating us like people.

autism, pseudoscience 

experts: Children with autism often walk on their toes.

me: Yeah, for me it's a sensory preference.

experts: No one knows why this strange behaviour occurs.

me: It's a sensory preference.

experts: There are some theories, some experts speculate that it's a behaviour that the brain produces to reduce sensory stimulation.

me: Yeah, it's a...

experts: But ultimately, nobody knows. The strange autistic behaviour will forever remain a mystery.

@RadiantEmber That's weird, because when you dye your hair crazy colors like blue that is a prerequisite for it to take.

@RadiantEmber They probably assumed you already knew to pre-lighten.

@RadiantEmber Did you pre-lighten it? I made the mistake of not doing so my first go and ended up with a bluish brown.

I just got my stuff from Stimtastic and I am really happy. The input from them feels perfect, especially the brush and chew stim.

People will have you thinking that there's not a lot of black folks on the fediverse and then never mention that people keep chasing black folks OFF the fediverse lmao

that's why you don't see a lot of us

because ya antiblack

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Since I've spotted a few new users joining mastodon who are black, fair warning:

⭐ 💫 join an instance with very strong block and admin policies because antiblackness is strong here~ 🌟 ✴️

folks literally tried to run a black-run instance into the ground

Survey about Neurodiversity and Online Communities :BoostOkay: 

I am an #ActuallyAutistic student researching #neurodiversity , disabled self-advocacy and online communities. If you are neurodivergent and want to talk about your experiences in online communities, consider filling out this survey!

U.S. Nintendo Switch users: "Nintendo implemented Google Analytics on the eShop... [to opt-out] manually go into your account settings on Switch & turn off the 'Google Analytics Preferences' option."

More Switch privacy tips:

Original tweet :

@Garrison I feel this, except on mastodon. I love it here.

@[email protected] @stolas Using virtualization software to run video games is not for the faint of heart, you generally need two graphics cards and it would also not be possible for most laptops. The process is not beginner friendly at all. Also tile window managers are not necessarily beginner friendly, I would recommend OP use a desktop environment at least until they understand more of the OS.

@KitsuneAlicia OK. I am sure I have tried that, but I will give it another go. Thanks for the help.

@stolas POP OS and ubuntu flavors or both really good for gaming. I have also heard Manjaro is good, but I never had much luck with it. I would recommend installing virtual box and trying out each distro before you install so you can get a good feel for which is best. Also some others mentioned dualbooting, which might be fine in some cases, but in no circumstance should you keep windows on the same drive as Linux. Windows 10 does not like Linux and might still corrupt your Linux partitions anyways even with enough space.

@KitsuneAlicia Odd, because it never worked for me no matter what I did. What version of GE did you use though?

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