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, I'm not , but my main instance is gone so I am going to do my introductions again. I am an , user, and a . My fav game is . I hope to one day become a expert. I am a . I have an and have a senegalus polypterus. I love and . Also a bit of a and junky.



If I host a instance, will it federate with instances, letting me comment on and boost/fav toots by default or do I have to set that up? Also what about ? I want to self host, but I want to host the least number of possible federated sites as I can to keep maintenance down and so I am not managing multiple accounts if I can avoid it.

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I F****ING HATE RIGHT NOW. Any time I anyone I get downvoted to oblivion. Someone can get a ton of upvotes for spreading a Daily Mail article and I get a ton of downvotes for linking their rating. Same with any other site with a mixed rating or below. People keep claiming MBFC and snopes are extremely biased without linking even one shred of evidence.

I GOT TO PLAY 2 AGAIN!! Before it kept crashing 5 minutes into the game and I couldn't even finish the opening scene. It wouldn't work regardless of whether I played on or . IDK if updated the game to fix it or something, but I actually was able to finish a full play through with minimal issues.

IDK what happened, but some posts on my timeline appear as if I boosted them even though I haven't and do not show up on my profile, I also seem to have favorited a bunch of the posts that were mysteriously boosted as well. WTF, why and how did this happen?!

I've come up with a companion to RTFM for sysadmins who've read it a million times and know their setup is correct.

Read The Fucking Logs 👍

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It turns out that EAC will work on after all and is still continuing work to get and working. GamingOnLinux seems to have jumped to conclusions a little too early. Link here:

In case you missed it: Linux and FreeBSD are vulnerable to several TCP-based attacks.

Affected are:

– CVE-2019-11477: Linux kernels 2.6.29 and above
– CVE-2019-11478: Linux kernels before 4.15
– CVE-2019-5599: FreeBSD 12 with RACK
– CVE-2019-11479: all Linux kernels so far

Check if your systems already provide security updates and update ASAP.

#linux #freebsd #sack #vulnerability #security

I got another dinosaur bichir and he is now in my 10 gallon quarantine tank. When he grows a little more I will put him in the main tank (he is currently just under 3 inches).

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