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, I'm not , but my main instance is gone so I am going to do my introductions again. I am an , user, and a . My fav game is . I hope to one day become a expert. I am a . I have an and have a senegalus polypterus. I love and . Also a bit of a and junky.

Meta, not drama or cancelling 

Google has crossed a line, they tricked homeless people into giving them facial data for it's facial recognition software.

I'm glad there are so many weird people on , it makes me feel like I fit in for once.

i only accept apologies in the form of changed behavior

ABA, dog training 

This is just a friendly reminder about the fact that UNIX turned 50 years old this year!

How I experience Autistic meltdowns 

i could stare at lab-grown bismuth crystals for hours, it's so cool



If I host a instance, will it federate with instances, letting me comment on and boost/fav toots by default or do I have to set that up? Also what about ? I want to self host, but I want to host the least number of possible federated sites as I can to keep maintenance down and so I am not managing multiple accounts if I can avoid it.

selfie, eye contact 

mh (+) 

mh (+) 

selfie, eye contact, mh(+) 

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