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HeroForge has started rolling out their color tools beta to Kickstarter backers! Even though the campaign has ended (for now, at least), I went back and color-ified my kobold ranger Zeeresk. This looks way better than my attempt at coloring the image in Photoshop, and honestly, probably better than the paint job I did on the physical mini.

It'll be a while before I could order (or even use, really) a printed colorful mini, but I love this for character concepts at the very least.

These arrived at the bookstore today! I don't know how soon I'll get to use them properly, but now's the time to ensure the local bookstore survives.

Played some (MtG) Commander tonight, and I evidently built a deck that was way too powerful for my (online) friend group's meta. I didn't actually win, but I certainly would have if I hadn't had sympathy on one player and not finished him off when I had the chance.

Oh well. I kept everyone on the defensive, at least, and had to rebuild twice after two different board wipes in a creature heavy Dinosaur tribal deck.

I had fun, at least. I probably need to tone it down a bit before next time.

Ended up sending this email do the DM a bit ago. I hope the tone wasn't too aggressive or dispiriting. It's definitely an emotionally loaded topic for me, and while that emotion definitely came through into the email, I did my best to keep it as polite and friendly as I could.

I have no idea what he'll try to do to accommodate me, if anything, as my primary complaint is with the entire campaign setting. I may just have to leave that group for a while.

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Well, I wasn't _planning_ on working today, but here I am debugging a site outage anyways…

I've got a draft email to the DM written up along these lines to review and send in the morning. I don't know if this ends with me rolling a new character or leaving the group for a while. I like the people in that group a lot, but I don't know how much more of this campaign I can deal with.

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It really doesn't help that I'm just so bad at role playing high charisma characters. I get super flustered when party leadership gets passed to me, which happened tonight because the usual lead was very late. If I'd been playing a wizard rather than a sorcerer, I could've at least sat back and listened rather than get more and more annoyed with how badly my interaction with an NPC was going.

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We've been playing Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and it's all intrigue and investigations. Some of the group really seems to be into it, but I just haven't been about to bring myself to care about it. The only bright spots have been the combats, which are few and far between. My character spent the entirety of the last one (a week ago) dying, and I've done literally nothing since. I think I'm going to just say she died there and move on.

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Tonight was another :dnd: session that I left early. I felt exhausted at that point (which is somewhat ironic considering it's nearly 1am now). I realized something, lying back in my chair listening to two other players argue about the ethics of forcibly interrogating a mysterious bystander who watched us fight off an ambush: I really, truly, don't care about, and have not been enjoying, that campaign.

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My parents came by to visit today. We talked outside for a while, keeping several feet between us. I'm pretty sure this is the first time they'd seen me in a dress + bra, but at least they were polite and didn't mention it.

They're still calling me $deadname, but I still haven't specifically asked them to call me Cassie yet. It seems like it's never the right time to bring that back up.

Now I get to spend the next day and a half changing/remaking accounts everywhere to reflect my new name. I've been dreading this particular step, but it needs to be done sooner or later.

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I'm officially out at work now. HR (who has been nothing but helpful) got the rest of the engineering team + some other department heads together and handled the name change announcement without me even having to be involved there. A friend/coworker of mine described the general tone as "Be Nice Or Else™", and didn't notice much of a reaction at all from anyone.

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Having thought about it some more, I'm pretty sure the guilt is because I quit for moral reasons, and the underlying issue never really got resolved. I dunno. All I can hope is that Blizzard noticed the drop in subs last fall and did something better internally.

I'll still not hopeful for Blizzard as a company, but I may as well enjoy the company of my friends while it lasts.

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I feel oddly guilty about it, but I've wanted to go back for a few months now. I've been playing a lot of TF2 lately, and honestly, I just don't think I enjoy it as much as I did WoW. While I think I'm better at TF2, the community is just not there anymore.

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I gave in today. I decided I missed my friends too much, so I'm now re-subbed to :warcraft: .

Of course, as soon as I did that, I discovered that the game crashes on startup, even with all add-ons removed and the game itself completely reinstalled. I'm doing the "Reset your PC" thing tonight to try and get off the Windows Insider builds, which is what I think is causing the issue. If that doesn't work, I'll be attempting a full reinstall tomorrow.

COVID-19, racism 

Went to the doctor's office today to pick up a prescription, and as I'm filling out the form, two older men start talking behind me about the virus. One of them went off on a racist rant about how China stole our technology. I was *this* close to turning around and telling him off, but my shyness got the best of me and I walked out quietly instead. I wish I'd done it.

I really hope this project ends up being wildly successful and picked up into a longer series. The story as told in the comic is great, but there's no way to pack the whole thing into 10 minutes.

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Lackadaisy, a webcomic about feline bootleggers in the 1920's that I've been following for years, just announced a Kickstarter to make an animated short! 😁

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