Since this came up again: how does one go about getting a fursona drawn up? I have some vague ideas for look and personality, but it's not a terribly refined character yet. Is there more I should do/have ready before I reach out to an artist?

I've been, I dunno, furry-adjacent (?) for a long time. I figure I should make that more official at some point and have a proper fursona.


I've finally gotten around to submitting a commission request for Naida. I remade her in HeroForge (which is a character creator for tabletop minis) as a reference.

Now I wait and see how long this artist's backlog is?

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It's done! I'm really happy with how it turned out, and the commission process was as painless as could be. I'm going to get an icon done next.

Art by mitsene.

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@bluejeans Starting off, just a general description is fine, especially if you don't mind leaving details/interpretations up to the artist.

If you've settled on a species and coloration/pattern, but want to be able to show it off to artists and you're moderately handy with Photoshop or compatible programs, check out catbirdart32317291.wordpress.c

@bluejeans Once you've got species and coloration/pattern down, just look around for various body types (any) and clothing/accessories to show as references.

Different artists require different specifics, or lack of specifics to use their own interpretations and art styles.

@Mycroft Ooooh, this looks handy. I have been known to dink around in Photoshop on occasion.

Species and (approximate) look is probably the most defined part right now. I'm basing it off of a Pathfinder character I never got to play, Nadia Redmane. She's a bear with reddish-brown fur. Maybe more gray with red speckles, like the inverse of someone who's hair is just starting to gray out?

Anyways, I'll give this a shot tomorrow or Friday, depending on how things go.

@bluejeans And of course shop around for artists whose style you like, preferably who's shown to be able to do details that you want on your character.

Good to show what you mean by speckles, artists can (and should!) charge a little extra for complicated patterns like tiger stripes or cheetah spots.

@bluejeans good thing to do is look at other characters of your species and point out specific things you like or dislike on those to give your artist idea of a direction

@Mycroft Yeah... she's definitely based off a way I see myself, and "thicc" is a, uh, generous, way to describe me.

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