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For fuck's sake. My mom just texted me to say that my grandma, who had recovered and gone home after her stroke last week, is losing the fight with her bladder cancer and is going to be starting hospice on Tuesday. I guess that's what I get for hoping that things were getting better?

I'm gonna go ugly cry in a corner for a while.


family, health, - 

My grandma's condition has only deteriorated in the last 24 hours. I ended up breaking my self-imposed isolation to go see her. It was really hard seeing someone in that much pain. I cried for a while, just sitting there holding her hand.

There's other family here, and only about half of them are wearing masks. As far as I know, my folks haven't said a word about my being trans to them, so I dug out my boy clothes for the occasion.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to stay here at my grandma's tonight. My Pathfinder group said they were ok with not doing anything tonight, but it's like to at least finish up the fight they started last week.

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