I had the day off today, so I spent the time re-reading my personal favorite bit of sci-fi, Ra:

It's free to read online, and I think he sells the e-book version of it for like $3 USD. I recommend the author's work generally, but computer programmers will really get a kick out of Ra. Lots and lots of nerdy bits in a story that has both very little and also so much to do with computing.

It's been years since I read it last, so my memory of its finer details was already hazy, and then near the end I noticed the comment timestamps jumped forward five years and that he'd re-written the ending. I think I like this ending better.

nerdy references, minor Ra spoilers 

As far as the little nerdy bits go, I think the least story spoilery one is the existence of people calling themselves the "wheel" group (which is traditionally the users of a UNIX system that can use the sudo command).

There are other computing references, but the more notable ones would have story spoilers implicated by them.

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