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My roof is now leaking in my kitchen, so my floor is all wet because it's training outside. This doesn't seem like it'll be cheap to fix.

I got a referral for a roofer from a friend. I called them, and they going to send someone by in 2-3 hours to do an emergency patch and give an estimate on a more thorough fix.

Most of the water is running down the inside of the main exterior wall, so I hope I don't end up having to replace that too because of mold or something later.

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Roofing crew showed up and inspected the roof. They discovered over six inches of standing water up there (it's a flat roof), and said I was in danger until it's cleared off. They managed to get the drain open again and cleared it out. I took a video of the water flying out, which I'll post after I do some minor editing.

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They recommended replacing the roof entirely, and are going to give me a quote to that end.

Ugh. I wasn't planning on spending that much money right now, but I guess I'm lucky enough to have savings for this kind of thing.

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