food, baking 

Decided to do some baking tonight. Making a pound cake, and I went off script a bit to try and change up the flavors. I think I may have gone too far, though, as the batter had the consistency of cookie dough when I tried to scoop it into the pan.

It's supposed to bake for an hour, but I put a half hour timer on to check and ensure it's not literally on fire by then. At this point, I think success here is going to be "not burnt to a crisp".


food, baking 

Well, it didn't get horribly burnt after all, though it is super dry. I suppose that's partially due to the changed recipe and partially because our was in the oven for almost 90 minutes. The chocolate chips counteract the dryness a bit, but it definitely needs to be eaten with water.

I'm gonna chalk this up as "good enough" and call it a night.

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