While waiting for the next :warcraft:​expansion to launch, I've taken up mount farming. One of the mounts I've been working on for quite a while has finally dropped for me tonight!

It came out of a dungeon that was released nearly 10 years ago, so it's not particularly rare, but it's still a 1/100 chance per run, so it's not trivial to get either.

Saw this today on Discord. Couldn't find a source, but thought it was funny enough to re-share anyways 😄

As I was brushing and talking to my cat, I made a slurping noise (I promise it made sense in context). She turned to me and gave me the most concerned look I've ever gotten from a cat.

I wish I'd gotten a picture.

I'll take "people I didn't expect to hear from" for $1,000, Alex.

Got a friend request on Steam from a name I didn't recognize, but their profile didn't seem shady, so I accepted and reached out to find out why they added me.

Turns out, I knew the guy from back in 2012, as he was the one who invited me to a TF2 team I played competitive with for a year or two. He left shortly after I joined, apparently due to mis-managing things, and he'd added me to apologize for that.

We talked for a while, and he seems like a decent guy. Seems like he'd be easier to connect with if I remembered him at all, but that's life.

At Pathfinder tonight:

Me: The cult leader take the bolt to the chest, falling into the fountain.

Bard: And let me guess, she transforms into some monstrosity? :eyeroll:

Me: Why yes, actually 😁

re: trans-ition stuff 

The remaining items on my transition to-do list that I've been putting off for months are:

  • Spending a while doing dedicated voice practice. So far, it's just been unguided "practice" during work meetings.
  • Learning how to do makeup properly. I'm going to get some help with that one for the wedding at least, but I'll need to learn to do that myself long term.
  • Getting my face laser'd. I don't even really know where to start with that.
  • Filling out the paperwork for the legal name and gender change. My state doesn't make that hard, necessarily, but I've been irrationally nervous about taking that step for a while, despite knowing that it would make lots of other things easier.
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trans-ition stuff 

Finally did one of those hard things I've been putting off for a while: making a hair appointment.

Now, I know that doesn't sound terribly hard, but there are a few major complications to this:

  1. COVID-19
  2. I'm related to the hairdresser, and I didn't know if my family had outed me to her already.

That first one ain't going away any time soon, but I'm attending a (very small, 20ish people total) wedding in town on the 10th, and I need to look nice for that.

The second one turned out to be largely a non-issue. I first called, got a voicemail, and then texted to ask about setting up the appointment. After she proposed a time, I clarified that this was a woman's haircut, and she said my mom had already told her about it. So that's probably going to be fine.

This is my first haircut in over a year. I honestly don't know what would look good on me at this point, but it's getting rather unruly as-is, and I think a proper haircut would go a long way towards looking more feminine when I leave the house.

Undertale came out about 5 years ago, and to commemorate it, a full-on orchestra performed the soundtrack!

While I've never actually played Undertale, I've enjoyed the music, and this just makes it even better. I now have this playing in the background.


(the actual orchestra starts at 47:45, which the link should take you to).

Tonight at Pathfinder, my players went way further into a dungeon than I expected for one session, and they ended up burning through all their spell slots fighting off a leukodaemon. They've successfully convinced themselves that that was the final boss of the dungeon, and congratulated themselves for saving the town.

Little do they realize that the actual final boss is awaiting them down the dark hallway I pointed out to them multiple times. I don't know if they'd survive that fight, though, in their current state. I'm curious to see what they do next week. I think there's enough lose ends that they'll realize they're missing something.

Gave up on trying to get a picture with my phone that wasn't "fixed" to look white, and instead broke out my old DSLR. After setting it the white balance to "daylight", I got this, which I feel is pretty representative of what it looks like out here. I'm not in any particular danger of fires right now, but all this smoke is from the fires in CA and central Oregon.

The apocalypse has apparently arrived on my end of the state. I keep trying to take a picture of how dang orange the sky is, but my phone is being a bit too helpful with the white balance, leaving me with what looks like simply an overcast sky.

:warcraft:, spoilers? 

Just… why? It seems like every single time that druids feature at all in WoW's lore, they're getting the short end of the stick somehow:

  • In Cataclysm, Mt. Hyjal (the closest thing druids have to a holy site) was nearly burned down.
  • In Legion, we're forced to kill Ysera in a freaking leveling quest, and then later Ursoc, the bear god, in the Emerald Nightmare. We nearly lost Cenarius in the same raid.
  • BfA kicked off with the genocide at Teldrassil, which was the only other standing world tree after Hyjal. We then spent the rest of the expansion sidelined, never really addressing the whole "planet bleeding out" thing directly, just using her power to fight some more.
  • And now Ursoc is perma-dead, all because of Sylvanas' meddling. As if I needed any more reason to hate her.

It's been a few years, and I don't know if it makes sense to grieve for a video game character, but I'm not really taking the news all that well.

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:warcraft:, spoilers? 

The new promo video for Shadowlands dropped today, and, uh, I think I'm just gonna go cry for a while 😭

I'm getting the impression that this story team loves killing off core druid lore characters.

That was a disappointment. I spent most of the day porting my fancy foil shader to Unity, only to discover that the MeshRender.materials property isn't exposed to the Lua API like the documentation implied, so I can't attach my shader (which otherwise looks great attached to a demo object) to a regular "card" object in Tabletop Simulator.

I've also tried mixing together the properties for custom decks with custom asset bundles, but it appears to load the deck part first and then stop without also afternoon l attempting to load the bundle containing the shader.

Unless there's an undocumented way to create a "custom deck" object as part of a Unity asset bundle, I think I've hit an impasse.

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So Blender's pretty neat. I discovered the other day that you can import Unity shaders into Tabletop Simulator, so I felt inspired to try and recreate the "foil" effect for MtG cards as a shader. Having never used Unity in ernest before, I mocked it up in Blender this evening. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

This weekend I'm going to port this into a Unity shader and figure out how to apply it to a deck of cards in Tabletop Simulator.

The problem ended up being my regular SSD was giving be trouble. After unplugging that and installing on the M.2 drive, everything seems to be working. Hopefully that holds up for more than a week this time? 🤞

I guess this means I need to order a new SSD then, as I prefer to keep games off the OS drive.

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Here we go again… I really hope this is the last time for a while.

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…weird, after undoing a BIOS setting that fixed a stuttering issue I had last Sunday, it booted right up, and the stuttering is still gone. Computers, y'all :blobshrug:

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After a week of it (mostly) working, my PC is once again failing to boot. I think installing Windows on the M.2 drive was a mistake, as I already spent most of Sunday last week debugging that.

My current hypotheses are that either there's some issue with my M.2 drive, or one of my graphics cards are dying. The latter I've suspected might happen for a while because I bought them used off a Bitcoin miner that went under a while back.

I think I'm just going to reinstall Windows again, on the regular SSD this time.

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