Woke up early enough today to get meds refilled before work. Here's hoping nothing goes wrong at the pharmacy this time!

I'm optimistic this time because the new guy (who's made things difficult in the past) doesn't seem to be working today, so I might get the script filled on time.

me: *yawns* 😴
me: *looks at time*
me: "That can't be right. My alarm was supposed to go off over an hour ago."
alarm: …
me: "dammit"

(True story)

dem debates 

Out of game, two of our players formally asked the rest of the table to be their officiate (to my best friend), bridesmaid (to the DM) and groomsmen (to the remaining three of us). They bribed us with gifts, though that was honestly unnecessary for all of us.

They're not getting married for a year or so, so there's plenty of time to deal with all the prep that's involved with being in a wedding.

Suffice to say that the clocktower, which wasn't in good shape to begin with, did not survive the fire. The good news for us is that the lamia didn't either, as the bells falling down destroyed the only stairs that she could've used to escape.

The DM was nice enough to make sure we still got a (now singed) note that we were supposed to find when we climbed our way to the top. Problem solved, I guess?

Pathfinder tonight was… eventful, to say the least. Last session, we learned that the person organizing a series of grisly murders was a snake woman (lamia?) who was hiding up in a clock tower. We informed the innkeeper of our intention to deal with her and set off.

Once we got there, our witch had an idea to cast Aggressive Thundercloud at the giant brass bells. This caused an huge commotion, and attracted a flesh golem which we then fought outside while the place started burning.

Blizzard, Hong Kong 

Blizzard, Hearthstone, and Hong Kong 

Python Webapp Deployment Question, Boosts Would Be Grand 

We did a M+ dungeon afterwards with the few of us who didn't have to go to bed immediately. +10 Atal'Dazar, which proceeded to kick our butts because we kept pulling emissaries when we didn't mean to. Somehow we only missed the timer by like 30 seconds, despite 5 full wipes. Ah well. We still completed the key, so we'll get our shiny Mythic-level gear out of our cache tomorrow.

Raid tonight was rather short. We ended up only having one tank on for the first 45 minutes of our scheduled time, so we almost called it off completely until he showed up.

We tried Heroic Azshara with 10 people for the first hour remaining, then we tried pugging up to 20 for the second hour. Both times, things fell apart hard at phase 3.

We're not sure if we're gonna extend the lockout or not for Wednesday, or if we're gonna do another fresh clear. We'll see who all shows up that night.


The game progresses through 5 chapters. Hopefully without spoiling too much, I will say that the plot takes a sharp turn in chapter 3, and fully jumps the shark by chapter 4. We got through all 5 chapters in about 3 hours, though we did have some idea on what to do for the first two from a previous attempt.

Because we had a few people unavailable tonight, we opted for board games instead of our usual Pathfinder campaign tonight. We ended up playing "House of Danger", a Choose Your Own Adventure game. The story's protagonist is a self-proclaimed "psychic investigator", so we decided that we were all ghostly spirits trapped in his head somehow.

It was pretty fun! We passed through the story pretty quickly, so there's lots to explore if we want to try again later.

Looks like I haven't completed it yet after all? I'be just unlocked the "to do (as well)", which might take me a bit longer to complete.

Gods, this game is great though.

I have now played though the goose game. It was good.

The visual joke at the very end made any frustrations with the puzzles worth it. I'm still laughing about that 😂

Update: the store is going to replace the recliner at no cost to me, provided I give back the one they messed up on in the meantime. That's not a real problem for me, as I've still got the couches in here, which bumped my seating capacity from ~0 to 5.

Good news, my living room furniture was delivered today. Now I can finally use my TV! 😁

Bad news: the recliner came in a different color from the two couches. I thought I ordered everything in the same color (gray), but apparently my invoice says the chair is brown. Waiting on the store to call me back so we can get this sorted out.

After a long time asleep, I feel almost back to normal. Now I've got the opposite problem: the haze that comes from sleeping for 12+ hours in one night. I expect to be completely back to 100% by either later today or tomorrow morning.

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