One of the things that's been frustrating me in Dicey Dungeons is the entire Thief class. I was just never able to do enough damage.

I finally figured out how complete a run, though: steal a potion and turn into a bear! I mean, that's basically always a good idea anyways, right?


Though if I really wanted the burst damage, I'm pretty sure our summoner can cast Greater Invisibility on me, which would allow me to full attack with Sneak Attack damage. Next level, that would mean 2d6+8 * 4 attacks, which is an average of 60 if they all hit. That seems like a lot of damage for level 7, and that's not even considering Abbey's (my animal companion's) contribution.

Oh, and I almost forgot: we leveled up! For my sixth level, I'm considering dipping into (Unchained) Rogue instead of taking another level of Ranger. I get a free feat (Weapon Finesse), 1d6 sneak attack (dubiously useful with a bow), and whole bunch of useful utility around finding and disabling traps.

I feel a little overpowered relative to the party anyways, so I figure picking up some utility would be good right now. I can wait a level for iterative attacks and the Multishot feat.

We got to talking about stuff, and they let us know that something big seemed to be happening in the big city they just came from. Their captain, a gnoll, gave us some tips on where we could get some work that may or may not be related to it in the city.

The DM didn't actually come up with a name for the leader immediately when asked, so our summoner suggested a name, and, well, it looks like that's what we're going with after all.

A gnoll named Gneil. Yes, the "G" is silent.

Last week's Pathfinder session was almost entirely a social endeavor. The week before, we wrapped up the end boss battle, so this time we went and got ourselves cleaned up, checked in with the local sheriff, and headed off to the next adventure in the big city nearby.

On the way, we spent the night with a group of merchants going the other direction. The "normal" races in the party spent the night with the merchants, while the teifling and I (a kobold) hung out with the mercenary guards.


I've only played the "Warrior" class so far, but I've unlocked the Rogue and I'm looking forward to trying that another night. Each class gets some kind of special ability. The warrior's is "re-roll a d6 (up to 3 times per turn)". In the demo, I think the rogue's was something like "split a d6 in two (rounding down)", though I have no idea yet if that made it to the final game.

I tried "Dicey Dungeons" tonight. Came out yesterday, and I found out about it because I played a demo version months ago and added it to my Steam wishlist.

It's a lightweight single-player dungeon crawler where you play as a living d6 who is fighting this way down a few levels of a game show or something? The main mechanic is slotting your rolled d6's into gadgets like "do 2x X damage", "heal X (max 3)". There seems to be a surprising amount of depth to it.

Not that I'm planning on actually playing Classic any time soon. I doubt there's gonna be any fancy sharding, or shared tags, or other modern "nonsense", so I suspect the first few weeks are going to be really rough with trying to level. I may get around to trying it a bit before BlizzCon, depending on costume progres.

:warcraft: Classic name reservations opened today, so I went ahead and reserved my three names (the per-account limit) on Atiesh.

It occurs to me now that maybe I should've tried to get "bluejeans", but that's hardly a sensible RPG character name.

I am still *way* behind on my own costume, but that's nothing a little procrastination-induced crunch time can't fix. I know mostly what I need to do to make it happen, I just need to spend the time doing it.

For the record, I'm planning on coming to BlizzCon this year as a Highmountain Tauren Boomkin. The main blocker for me is cutting several hundred feathers out of foam. That sounds really tedious, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get enough of the foam in the first place…

I was productive today! PAX is coming up pretty soon, and a friend of mine is cosplaying Jester from Critical Role. Since I'm apparently the resident weapons expert, I'm making her a lollipop axe (her god's holy weapon).

Attached is today's progress. I think I need another day or two to finish it up, plus another day or so for painting (mostly waiting for coats to dry).

We ended up getting some help from a Revenant that wanted the boss dude dead as much as (possibly more than?) we did. Even then, it ended up being a really long fight. Next week we're going to find out what's in the room, and hopefully why Mr. Foxglove lured us down there in the first place.

At the very least, it's probably going to be much less combat heavy. I'm fine with that, as it gives other people in the party room to shine.

Pathfinder tonight went pretty great. I killed a _lot_ of ghouls 😁. I think my "score" for the night was four ghouls and two goblin-ghasts. Per the DM, the latter had long since lost whatever made them gobliny and were full fledged ghasts in the shape of goblins.

The only real failure tonight was fumbling what would've been the kill-shot on the boss at the end of the dungeon. Our Magus got that home instead, who promptly threw up after (the tiefling has a very weak stomach).

uspol, Epstein 

Anyways, time for bed. Morning waits for nobody, unfortunately.

It came to mind the other day when I saw a comparison of Ip Man and Superman: they're both (nearly) invincible in a fight, and the real storytelling centers around how they can use their physical perfection and violence in a way that's morally good.

For Ip Man, that means balancing honor, family, and solidarity with his countrymen when China was invaded by Japan.

I watched Ip Man (2009) tonight with my brother while he's in town. He hadn't seen it, and I remembered really enjoying it, so I I pulled it up on Netflix. It'd been so long since I saw it last that I'd forgotten most of the details. In a second viewing, I think it holds up as one of my all-time favorite action movies.

I got up an hour early today because of an appointment with an electrician, only to be called and asked to reschedule to tomorrow. They had a totally valid reason to so so, but I've already sacrificed one good night's sleep.


On the plus side, this does mean I'll definitely still have power to the house when my family comes up to visit tonight.

Did you know that opening a window can have a dramatic effect on carbon dioxide levels in a residential building? According to my new desktop monitor, CO2 levels have dropped by more than half within a few hours of opening two windows on the other side of he house. It's currently sitting at 689ppm.

Maybe I won't have to take care of houseplants after all? The tradeoff is I'll probably have slightly higher AC/heating bills, but I'm ok with that.

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