Since this came up again: how does one go about getting a fursona drawn up? I have some vague ideas for look and personality, but it's not a terribly refined character yet. Is there more I should do/have ready before I reach out to an artist?

I've been, I dunno, furry-adjacent (?) for a long time. I figure I should make that more official at some point and have a proper fursona.


family, health, - 

My grandma's condition has only deteriorated in the last 24 hours. I ended up breaking my self-imposed isolation to go see her. It was really hard seeing someone in that much pain. I cried for a while, just sitting there holding her hand.

There's other family here, and only about half of them are wearing masks. As far as I know, my folks haven't said a word about my being trans to them, so I dug out my boy clothes for the occasion.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to stay here at my grandma's tonight. My Pathfinder group said they were ok with not doing anything tonight, but it's like to at least finish up the fight they started last week.

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family, health, - 

For fuck's sake. My mom just texted me to say that my grandma, who had recovered and gone home after her stroke last week, is losing the fight with her bladder cancer and is going to be starting hospice on Tuesday. I guess that's what I get for hoping that things were getting better?

I'm gonna go ugly cry in a corner for a while.

I bought the Halo collection on Steam since it was on sale, and boy howdy did I forget how much those games turn into survival horror as you get further into the ring. I wouldn't normally mind, but I definitely regret playing it until nearly midnight tonight.

nerdy references, minor Ra spoilers 

As far as the little nerdy bits go, I think the least story spoilery one is the existence of people calling themselves the "wheel" group (which is traditionally the users of a UNIX system that can use the sudo command).

There are other computing references, but the more notable ones would have story spoilers implicated by them.

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I had the day off today, so I spent the time re-reading my personal favorite bit of sci-fi, Ra:

It's free to read online, and I think he sells the e-book version of it for like $3 USD. I recommend the author's work generally, but computer programmers will really get a kick out of Ra. Lots and lots of nerdy bits in a story that has both very little and also so much to do with computing.

It's been years since I read it last, so my memory of its finer details was already hazy, and then near the end I noticed the comment timestamps jumped forward five years and that he'd re-written the ending. I think I like this ending better.

I got a cat today! I've been meaning to do this for about a year now, and I finally got around to it with everything else going on.

Her name is Peggy, and she's about a year old. At the shelter, she was really love-y, but right this second she's still a little freaked out about the move. I think she's gonna be a great cat once she settles in.

She hasn't managed to hold still long enough for me to get a better picture, but that should change over the next few days.

uspol, current events 

Holy shit, Minnesota. Stay safe out there. I hope we'll see justice done for George Floyd sooner rather than never.

I've donated to the bail fund, but I wish there was more I could do. I'm so tired of hearing that yet another black person was murdered and the cop got away with no consequences.

Some folks I knew from way back when I used to do stop motion animation put together a quarantine event, and got something like 130 clips submitted. Here's the first of six episodes:

They recommended replacing the roof entirely, and are going to give me a quote to that end.

Ugh. I wasn't planning on spending that much money right now, but I guess I'm lucky enough to have savings for this kind of thing.

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Roofing crew showed up and inspected the roof. They discovered over six inches of standing water up there (it's a flat roof), and said I was in danger until it's cleared off. They managed to get the drain open again and cleared it out. I took a video of the water flying out, which I'll post after I do some minor editing.

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I got a referral for a roofer from a friend. I called them, and they going to send someone by in 2-3 hours to do an emergency patch and give an estimate on a more thorough fix.

Most of the water is running down the inside of the main exterior wall, so I hope I don't end up having to replace that too because of mold or something later.

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Oh no ☹️

My roof is now leaking in my kitchen, so my floor is all wet because it's training outside. This doesn't seem like it'll be cheap to fix.

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Folding at Home 

Elekk is in the top 2500 of all folding teams! Way to go everybody!!

This is pretty incredible:

This guy has some serious dedication to spend that long putting a custom car together.

food, baking 

Well, it didn't get horribly burnt after all, though it is super dry. I suppose that's partially due to the changed recipe and partially because our was in the oven for almost 90 minutes. The chocolate chips counteract the dryness a bit, but it definitely needs to be eaten with water.

I'm gonna chalk this up as "good enough" and call it a night.

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food, baking 

Decided to do some baking tonight. Making a pound cake, and I went off script a bit to try and change up the flavors. I think I may have gone too far, though, as the batter had the consistency of cookie dough when I tried to scoop it into the pan.

It's supposed to bake for an hour, but I put a half hour timer on to check and ensure it's not literally on fire by then. At this point, I think success here is going to be "not burnt to a crisp".

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