Bandcamp are waiving their revenue sharing for all of Friday (the 20th, from midnight to midnight PT).

so if you've been wanting to support some indie artist or labels, then is the time!

anyone and everyone that has music on bandcamp, i think y'all should be pushing it tomorrow and fri! get that bread!

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remember! this is today!!

be sure to share music you're selling or music you think others should check out :D

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@bfoty thanks for the heads up, I'll push my music some (I'll also lower the price)

@lastfuture wouldn't worry too much over lowering the price, considering the aim here is to get you all the money

@bfoty I have a steady income outside of my music. I'd rather be a good corona citizen providing home isolated people entertainment :)

@lastfuture ah super then! I was just being a worrier lol, lovely move so.

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