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All 80 Before Endwalker - This morning I talk about reaching 80 in all FFXIV jobs as well as my least and most favorite classes to level.

Faction Gear Conundrum - This morning I talk about New World and how faction gear becomes progressively unreasonable as you go through the leveling process.

Quagmire Real Estate - This morning I talk about buying my second home in New World in Weavers Fen and general housing location strategy.

Hope Chest Quest - A chill weekend of leveling with some updated crafting priorities in New World and five more levels to go in FFXIV.

AggroChat #362 - A House Divided - New World server transfer woes with a split between two regions, Tabletop Simulator, Tales of Arise, and more Celeste.

Two More To Go - Finishing the AST in FFXIV and focusing on my last two jobs. Additionally some discussion about New World and Patch Notes.

Tapping the Swamp - I talk about a great night of running around with friends in New World and completing the level 40 Syndicate faction chain.

Ready To Move - This morning I talk about New World server queues, the accuracy of the estimation tool, and a plan to jump servers.

AggroChat #361 - Huge Queues Tiny Servers - Tonight we talk about the launch of Amazon’s New World and all the good and bad things that come with that.

New World Launch Post Mortem - This morning I dive into some of the reasons why we are in the situation we are in with New World and share some questionable math.

Bigger is Better - Talking about day two of New World and serious concerns that the server congestion will ultimate turn the hype into bitterness soon.

The Forest is Burning - This morning I talk about my experiences with the New World launch and resource rush as folks tried to get Companies established.

Preparing for New World - This morning I talk about the impending launch of New World as well as share my Server, Faction, and Guild information.

Mixtape Mondays: Melancholeidoscope - Sometimes when you feel down you want to listen to a kaleidoscope of melancholy songs to keep you company along the way.

AggroChat #360 - That Summoner Glow Up - Tonight we talk FFXIV Endwalker Job Actions trailer, various job changes, and Tam’s playthrough of Deathloop

Find Your Own Nonsense - Weird meandering post about YouTube, The Crafsman, my apparent love of spreadsheets, and our jobless friend from Deep Dungeons.

Great Serpent of Ronka - This morning I talk about group placement, getting a new mount, and some of my first impressions of Deathloop on PC.

Get Your Regalia Now - This morning I do a weekend catch-up post and talk about putting on 20 more job levels in FFXIV and some New World open beta.

Mixtape Mondays: Mason and Librarian - This morning I share a mix with a theme that won't make any sense, but was created thinking about two very different high school friends.

AggroChat #359 - PlayStation Play 2021 - Tonight we talk Celeste Farewell, Epic versus Apple, Sony PlayStation Play 2021, Avengers, and Pathfinder Secrets of Magic

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