@shoofle I think you would almost have to use a shoe like a professional card dealer uses that all of the completely valid decks are loaded into

@shoofle okay what would be hilarious is to lay out as many gameboards as there are cards games playable... on a really long table. Then your deck is just madness shuffled together. When you draw a card you run to whatever gameboard is set up for that game... play the cards you can. Slowly bit by bit each gameboard progresses until someone wins and takes everything.

@shoofle This sounds delightful. I think since the different games have different win conditions you would ultimately be keeping multiple scores going maybe.

@magicalmilly I did something along these lines this morning for my friends/readers who might be considering the fediverse. I talked a lot about it in 2018 but had not really recently. aggronaut.com/2022/04/26/the-f

@Pandagosa it is cool, just take it slow, feel free to ask questions. No one is hyper aggro here so hopefully you can find your stride.

@lollyrots it was a good post, I would give it head pats

@_Scopique so far this has not happened for us but we are all sorta waiting on the other shoe to drop here

@lapis partially functional... I was woken up an hour and a half before the alarm and could not get back to sleep.

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If you're new to the Fediverse, here's what made the platform work for me: aggressively following and unfollowing new people.

Whatever standards you've built up on Twitter for deciding to follow someone, throw them out the window. Follow someone because they made a funny or insightful post. Follow someone because their bio says they like pesto. Follow someone because they have a cute fursona. Anything really.

Following is free. And if it doesn't work out, unfollowing is also free.

GW2 LW5 spoilers sorta 

I am nearing the end of Living World Season 5... and I am not sure what the heck happened at Arena Net during this time but lord it is a slog. Essentially you have a whole sequence where you are expected to chain run Dragon Response Missions back to back. These all essentially have the same pattern.

- you are given 3 objectives and 5 minutes which is not enough time to complete them all

- if you do "something" you are given gold participation.

- Next comes a sequence where you kill a bunch of mobs, either as an escort quest or just literally kill X number.

- You fight a champion of some sort that is a damage sponge and takes forever to kill

- You win, get rewards and are given some story tidbits

- You exit and are told you really need to do another one

I have lost track on how many of these I have done in sequence but this is clearly the weakest section of ANY of the story elements I have experienced in Guild Wars 2.

re: MH / Anxiety 

@Tipa problem I have is once I am in this tailspin I have no clue how to pull out of it... I did not want to disturb my partner so I kinda just lay there stewing in it until the alarm went off at 5:30

MH / Anxiety 

This morning I woke up around 4 am... and lay in bed replaying every thing that I have ever done that was awkward in my life for the last 45 years... and questioning if any of my interactions with other human beings were real. It is a fun start to the morning. Brains are dumb and I wish I could just not sometimes.

Ooooo there is an item up on prime gaming for Guild Wars 2 that gives you a fancy chair.

@magicalmilly I know this feel because it bugs me too... messy messy

@magicalmilly the three months before endwalker I went on a mad mission to level everything to 80... but that sorta burned me out a bit and took a break after finishing the expansion content

@rumorsmatrix I am not sure if anyone is super strict about theme. I am on a game focused one but plenty of other random topics happen.

I have no idea how I just got 3 gold worth of shiny baubles doing Taco but I will take it.

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