Tales of the Aggronaut - Old Dog New Tricks - 2018-08-23 

In this mornings post I talk about the process of rewriting muscle memory on the Warrior as I shift from the build and keybinds I have been familiar with to something new.


Tales of the Aggronaut - The Magic Number - 2018-08-22 

In this mornings post I talk about hitting the magic number needed for Heroic Dungeons but not necessarily feeling quite ready for them.


Tales of the Aggronaut - Disposable Items - 2018-08-21 

In this mornings post I talk about how I miss having items in that feel worth farming for. I also talk a bit about my insecurities as a tank.


Actively Playing - 2018-08-20 

Actively Playing - 2018-08-20

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - PC

Elder Scrolls Online - PC

Monster Hunter World - PC/PS4

Dead Cells - Switch

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Destiny 2

My reward for dinging 120 in was transmogging my gear to look like something other than utter nonsense

oh hey... I was too busy tooting that I absolutely did not realize I was getting killed by an awesome looking blood troll in >.>

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