GW2 LW5 spoilers sorta 

I am nearing the end of Living World Season 5... and I am not sure what the heck happened at Arena Net during this time but lord it is a slog. Essentially you have a whole sequence where you are expected to chain run Dragon Response Missions back to back. These all essentially have the same pattern.

- you are given 3 objectives and 5 minutes which is not enough time to complete them all

- if you do "something" you are given gold participation.

- Next comes a sequence where you kill a bunch of mobs, either as an escort quest or just literally kill X number.

- You fight a champion of some sort that is a damage sponge and takes forever to kill

- You win, get rewards and are given some story tidbits

- You exit and are told you really need to do another one

I have lost track on how many of these I have done in sequence but this is clearly the weakest section of ANY of the story elements I have experienced in Guild Wars 2.

Ooooo there is an item up on prime gaming for Guild Wars 2 that gives you a fancy chair.

It's almost Taco Time! Just happened into the same map as my good friend Sol. Gotta get my daily reset Tequatl, for more shots at Ascended weapons.

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