Ooooo there is an item up on prime gaming for Guild Wars 2 that gives you a fancy chair.

It's almost Taco Time! Just happened into the same map as my good friend Sol. Gotta get my daily reset Tequatl, for more shots at Ascended weapons.

Since it would be rude not to given I posted Josie... here is Mollie my other cute cat. She had a really rough childhood, and spent two years in a dog shelter as the only cat before we adopted her. She is super skittish at times but also spends pretty much all day perched on a box beside me while I work.

Years ago I bought a new computer case but was slow getting it installed and she adopted it as her place to sit... so when I finally got everything set up I had to put the old case in the box so she could continue sitting on it.

Since I mentioned it, obligatory cute cat photo

I was walking out of my office earlier and saw Josie the Pussycat staring at me across a darkened bathroom perched in a window in the shower room.

I've been playing an excessive amount of Guild Wars 2 lately. I was an alpha tester but never really "attached" to the game fully. There was always something about it that never really worked for me. Playing so many tanks I expected to be able to do that in the same manner. Recently rolled a Necromancer and having a blast with it.

introvert meta, positivity 

There are times I contemplate buying a mobile sign, sitting in up in my yard and putting things on it like "You are Awesome" but then it might lead my neighbors to actually want to talk to me... which is scary >.>

Tales of the Aggronaut - Old Dog New Tricks - 2018-08-23 

In this mornings post I talk about the process of rewriting muscle memory on the Warrior as I shift from the build and keybinds I have been familiar with to something new.

My Imperial Dragon Knight Character from Elder Scrolls Online 

I just got the finished Elder Scrolls Online "Belghast" commission by @ammosart - she is so good. Super happy with it.

Tales of the Aggronaut - The Magic Number - 2018-08-22 

In this mornings post I talk about hitting the magic number needed for Heroic Dungeons but not necessarily feeling quite ready for them.

Pokemon Go fail 

I'm a horrible friend for not logging into PoGo for several weeks and letting these gifts languish >.>

Tales of the Aggronaut - Disposable Items - 2018-08-21 

In this mornings post I talk about how I miss having items in that feel worth farming for. I also talk a bit about my insecurities as a tank.

So irrationally happy over something stupid 

Our ALDI is open again... it was closed down for a month and some change for renovations...

Lack of Organization Problem 

I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of documents named "Untitled Document" in Google Docs...

Tales of the Aggronaut - Blog Post - 2018-08-20 

Adventures in the Federiverse

I talk largely about my experience joining Mastodon and migrating to a server that was more drift compatible

My reward for dinging 120 in was transmogging my gear to look like something other than utter nonsense

AggroChat Podcast Episode #217 - Toots and Trolls 

First death of and amazed that instead of Spirit Healers we have Bwonsamdi... this is amazing

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