I just want to hang out with my friends and talk about games and weird fish and silly trivia. I need to remind myself that I don't need to weigh in on everything that passes my timeline.

...I need to remind myself that I shouldn't weigh in on everything that passes my timeline. This is not a boast, it's an acknowledgment of reality: I have thousands of followers and follow hundreds of people, I maintain one of the more popular guides to Mastodon, I run an instance. I have an inordinate amount of influence (and honestly I'd rather not! but). I should do a better job of choosing the issues I speak about and, honestly, of speaking about them.

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Put a different way: I carry an enormous stick. I should speak more softly.

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Uncalled For // Lewd Adjacent 

@noelle Beat me with that stick.

re: Uncalled For // Lewd Adjacent 

@baronvonjace lmao I knew someone was gonna take it that way

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