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Does anyone in the Vegas area know of a trans friendly laser hair removal place by chance?

I have absolutely no context for this and I think that makes it better


I m prety sure that malificent just need a hug.

or maybe a hug and a shag.

Update: Solved!

I had to use xinput to set the *stylus*'s mode to RELATIVE instead of ABSOLUTE. Having done that it works exactly like I expect it to.

Thanks @dev_ponies and everyone else who chimed in!

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My #Earthdawn campaign resumes Dec 7. It's now an official FASA campaign, running on the company's Discord server, using the company's email server and Google calendar, and three of the group including the GM are FASA staff. The campaign has been running for over 25 years and has its own wiki. This is what I have accomplished with my life. It'll do, pig. It'll do.

"Awww shit... is you Hyperion?"
- Scooter


*silently deleting posts from the timeline....*

well this is a meme that absolutely has to be on mastodon

cw'd for eye contact

Tech help request:

I have a Monoprice drawing tablet and I'm using Ubuntu 18 with a Gnome-based GUI. Other than this issue it works fine.


The default is tablet mode (the tablet corresponds directly to the screen) and I want to use it in mouse mode (the cursor doesn't move when I pick up and move the pen) but can't work out how to change that setting.

Settings > Devices > Wacom Tablet doesn't see the tablet.



Question of the year:

Was it bigger than a Wal*Mart?

I faced Team GO Rocket LEADER Sierra (whomst pretty), and lost.

It gave me the sads :(
but it just means that I need to figure out which pokemons I should have.

Getting to level 25 in Shakes & Fidget is taking FOREVER

Ghost Recon: Wildlands, drugs mention 

I -have- noticed its harder to breath since I moved North.... must be the altitude... :'D

I like Shakes & Fidget because I can run a couple of quests in the background, and walk away.

It is official!

The Illuminati has OFFICIALLY defined to be "an organization possibly worth noting, but more likely a passing fad"

*Arches fingers*

Mmm yesss..... Arch Rivals.... this bodes well.

Is there an artist or illustrator who’s able to make me an avatar? Recommendations and boosts appreciated. Thanks


One of the founders is -keeping- the prototype in the color that I like!!!

The production model is going to be darker, and this makes me sadder...

Trying to see how much $$$ to make another "sample" that I can has... >.>

Me creating a new account.

"I am going to switch it up a bit."
*Types username in all caps*
yeah. such a rebel

Them: "Can you follow the rules as posted?"
Me: *Not realizing I read the rules, and not wanting to agree to something i didn't read* "Uh... no?"

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