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Source code is OPEN!

Please feel free to make improvements.

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I removed the random bytes on the end of the URL so that it now doesn't render weird.

but I broke your boost/favorite v.v

The Federated Podcast Network website is now online!

(( Sorry about the link... the "preview" doesn't work... and it makes me sad ))

Has anyone tried running Steam games on a PineBook?


on the off chance that anyone wants to watch my dum arse play video games....

I have aquired "We need to go deeper".

JUST starting out.


These fricken modern games take up god awful amounts of hard drive space -.-

Donations for a Friend. 

Hey all,

A good friend has had a really crap string of luck. After getting into a car accident, they got behind on bills, and had their car repo'ed.

They -JUST- got a second job, but could use some help getting their vehicle back.

Every bit helps. Boosts appreciated.

Me: Hey @Raspathir how's VR Chat been treating you?
Raspathir: Actually I really like it!
Me: Are you ready for your BTL chip yet?
Raspathir: Where do I get a slot, and how much does it cost?

I'm selling synths on ebay! 

Roland D-110, with original manual and copious reference materials - $60 - this really must go!!!

Korg Volca Keys, with power cable - $105 - a decent deal!!!

Begpost, sorry again 

My card got declined for £2 today and so did Caelyn's. We're poor as fuck and only halfway through the month. Until I can get some subscription services up for sw we have no more income and I'm worried about not having the money to buy food to treat low blood sugars when I'm out. I'm still £50 in an unarranged overdraft, and I can't afford to stay there

My commissions are open, or you can buy my nudes, or just send us some money

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