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I made three repo commits today.
thats enough for the year right?

Aardwolf Updates 

Hey all,

In case you missed it, I started "backporting" the

Looks like there's a couple of issues, that -may- be fairly easy to resolve.

I would be stoked if someone wanted to have a go :)

Me: "I'm not a furry but... my fursona would be a coyote"
Them: "...but your name is Banjo -Fox"
Me: "Yep. Coyote."

bot idea: just posts links to random "List of ___" pages because you can't see where it cuts off in the default display of the link on mastodon

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looking for work, boosts appreciated 

Hey all, I'm looking for work as a software dev. My greatest area of expertise would be iOS and mac (I'd probably be considered "senior"), but I can do python, java, c++ (reluctantly), and am a pretty fast learner in general so could pick up anything. I have a chronic injury so remote work would be ideal as it enabled me to manage it better. If any of y'all know anyone looking for someone like that gimme a holler.

Hey Everyone!

The updated templates are starting to get pushed to the main repository. If you would like to help out we gladly welcome it! :D

Main Repo - UI Update branch

UI Repo

#Rust #Ructe #WebDev #WebUI


Smashing artwork as always :D
Still struggling to come up with commission ideas. Although I keep getting stuck on "is it culturally respectful/appropriate" x.x

The longer I stay on the fediverse the more I suspect I may be at risk of contracting furryism.

*scratching ear with hind leg*

the character I made for is a Lady Demon named "Hecks" She likes everyone.

I dream of working as an artist because I dream of something which inspires me beyond the mere paycheck. But I lack the confidence or technical knowledge to sell myself as an artist; how does it come so easily to others?

Did you know, you can narrow down the suggestions from the firefox address bar using the following characters :

  • ^ to search for matches in your browsing history.
  • * to search for matches in your bookmarks.
  • + to search for matches in pages you’ve tagged.
  • % to search for matches in your currently open tabs.
  • # to search for matches in page titles.
  • $ to search for matches in web addresses (URLs).
  • ? to search for matches in suggestions.

Trying to help a pal find a book!
She read it in middle school and we know it's not Grimm Legacy or UnEnchanted


"Hey! I want to be a millionaire! Go to the mountain, and do a rain dance. You will get nothing...."

Some of y'all have got to be good at #leather maintenance right? My beloved jacket has sustained minor damage. What, if anything, should I do to fix it?


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