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@djsundog @Rob_T_Firefly @HackerRadioShow

can I help?

Fuck the FCC... as an old radio guy, this phrasing has never changed.

secondly, fuck corporate silo media... all of it... social media, broadcast media, print media.

Silos are for corn.

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Re: the sudden closure of @HackerRadioShow home WBAI, we have a statement posted at .

We've arranged a live "Off the Hook" for 7-9 PM this Wednesday the 9th, at the Brooklyn Commons Cafe downstairs from the station. Please spread the word and, if you are in geographic range, PLEASE come join us; a show of numbers is pretty critical.

388 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

And please show the cafe some support. They're WBAI's landlord as well, and have also been thrown into peril by the station's closure.

We are working behind the scenes to figure out our next moves, and will talk about it at the event. We're also working on getting it recorded and streamed, we'll keep you posted.

Thanks, everyone. As you can imagine this is pretty daunting, but I'm keeping the faith that this isn't the last you'll hear of @HackerRadioShow.

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asking for help ($) 

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IT'S BEEN A WHILE pls accept this mitsuri (my wife) 🌸🍉💕✨ #kny #kimetsunoyaiba

So far the repo has been organized as it should be.

The code is also in decent enough shape for others to hack away on.

Only problem left is how do I explain it to others?

A special
Work with someone that knows how to translate Banjo-speak into words?



I need to not be allowed to git
espcially to the "master" branch

Need GIT help ;-; 

I need a white suit and a bright red shirt 😻 !!!

Me: Actually crying at the TV again.

*No spoilers*



Cassidy: "What choo need me fur anyways?"
Vampire: "I was looking... for a friend. Aren't you?"


Dispatcher: "Unit 37 we got a man who just walked into a petting zoo"
Officer: "Dispatch we're responding to a bank robbery"
Dispatch: "Listen Bill. It's T.C"
Officer: *Slams brakes and u-turns*

Cassidy: "Being a vampire sucks."
Other vampire: "Perhaps you are doing it wrong."

Fun fact:

You -can- in fact forget how to ride a bicycle :D

Aardwolf UI Milestones 

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Hey #Seattle / #Tacoma area folks, does anyone have a room for rent starting Nov 1st (or late Oct) for around $500/mo? I have a buddy who's looking for one and is having trouble finding it!

Thank you in advance for your help. Boosts welcome! <3

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