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This is a weird toot, and it's unlikely that it'll work, but I figured I'd try -
If anyone has a Flik Board, and is willing to sell it, DM me.
If anyone thinks they can in any way help replicate or repair a Flik Board via blender/3D printer/sticker printer, DM me.
I've got this possibly spectrum-related thing where I need my very specific stim objects, and Flik Boards aren't made anymore. I only have a few, and I want them to last forever, but they aren't abnormally durable or anything. They'll be lost or damaged eventually. Especially the matte stickers on them, which provide a very particular stim.
If you can help in any way, reach out. And/or signal boost I guess, if you think it'll help.

Thanks ♥️

since shedding almost 73% keyboard footprint, my home studio/desk now seems to have -too- much room.

lewd, classical music 

Super fun glyph Commission for Moolawgoat over in :twitter: ! Love the vibrant colors.

This means a commission spot has opened up! Nab it while you can over at :ko_fi:

#fediart #mastoart #commissionme

huh..."Extreme Meatpunks Forever" was featured on Kickstarter.


Oh hey it's that time again! inprnt is offering free worldwide shipping on orders over $25! I've gone ahead and added an extra 10% discount with code Y8HEKZ on top of that to make it worth it!

Signal boosting appreciated!

#fediart #mastoart

goddamnit.... I've onyl had this keyboard for 24-ish hours and already I want to swap out the stock keycaps with others that are more glowy


being able to convert "Caps lock" into an Fn key JUST made this keyboard a BILLION TIMES EASIER TO USE!!!!

my pc case/cpu fans used to be quiet enough.... but since I started trying to get better recorded audio for the podcast i feel like I am sitting in a datacenter

speaking of custom emojo...

did you ever get that "thinker" statue I sent over?


60% keyboards vs muscle memory 

POSITIVE keyboard talk 

okay LAST ONE.....

for serious.

I can't even find the ORIGINAL photo with the orange keycaps that I liked.... now i dont even know if there's enough ORANGE ON THE KEYBOARD...

and without even powering it on I've "broken the seal" and swapped out the keycaps for the configuration I was -hoping- would come factory ;-;

my poor heart....

Soo... I PROMISE I will stop ranting after this, but one of my pre-orders showed up WAY ahead of schedule.

Hoping the other one follows soon ,>.>

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