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lewd pda 


It's some of the people from LoadingReadyRun and voice Actor/Games writer Jacob Burgess

It's not so much the survival aspect that makes me think I'd have a heart attack playing this, it's having to keep all the doublespeak straight while the games goes on. :D

Here's the GoFundMe we set up to help us try and do /something/, whether that's fix this RV or afford a hotel room so the dogs don't die tomorrow when it hits 100 degrees again :(((

Realized I should make a new intro post!

I’m Mona, a Mexican artist from Chiapas who reinterprets pop culture creatures in my style inspired by Maya glyphs! 👹

Commissions (open one or two at a time, lmk if you wanna be added to my queue):

T-shirt’s and merch:


Patreon (access to my Discord):

#fediart #mastoart #artistsofmastodon #monarobot

Speaking of sharing.... what would be a good place to post documents for public consumption?

Namely the Fiasco - Cheat Sheat, and the (upcoming) Paranoia - Cheat Sheet ?

PLEASE HELP;; EMERGENCY; stuck in the desert with dogs, RV broke down 

Also... a (faux) curse upon the WeeMadHamish for encouraging my wishes to run


Adjacent take:

There is nothing wrong with DnD as a first time Story Guide. My first ever experience with tabletop gaming was running a 2nd edition advanced.

Setting -expectations- with players is the -most- important part of a game. A group full of newbies, can have just as much fun, as a group of experienced persons can have a bad one :P

I am ALMOST done with my Paranoia Cheat Sheet.

Parts of it feel a bit TOO detailed, but at the same time those same parts are sort of necessary for me to remember.

Fingers crossed that it will stay to one page :D




Looking for an English grammar textbook that cares about nonstandard dialects? My dad wrote one, and it's out for preorder!

Keybase.... you need to start honoring my settings or else I am going to feed you to the hogs.

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