Let the Dice Roll (Roleplaying Podcast) 

today I did
- fix Paranoia character generator
- set up a environment
- wrote the episode descriptor for Episode 17
- Bathed Dog 1
- Bathed Dog 2


Sometime in 2020, will win an award for no longer making episodes.

Gaming Podcast! 

Let the Dice Roll - Episode 10! 

Let the Dice Roll - Episode 9 

everytime I listen to the intro music for I giggle hysterically.

So proud.

Podcast, Let the Dice Roll 

I am actually really -GLAD- that doesn't have a third-party producer.

No one else should be subjected to this verbal garbage....

podcasting, Let the Dice Roll 

Let the Dice Roll - EP07 Release Preview 

Podcast Editing, Streaming 

Okay.... FINALLY got around to posting Episode 5 on the website (it's been available on Anchor for a WEEK)

Episode 6 is queued up for this weekend (yay!)

Homepage (WIP)

Anchor.fm (Postcast hosting)


The audio quality for season one of is TERRRIBLE >.<!

Season 2 goal is to improve that.

Let the Dice Roll - Quick Update 

Let the Dice Roll - Episode 3! 

Let the Dice Roll - Podcast EP02 

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