Hi my name is Banjo.
This is a little bit about me

- Puppet Leader for the project (aardwolf.social)
- Podcaster (letthediceroll.com)
- Budding eccentric
- Conspiracy Realist
- Believer that Reptilians are hiding Sasquatch
- Paranoia fan
- Mostly Safe
- Plural
- Strange Wizard
- Coder/Hacker
- NOT a Furry
- Deviated Prevert
- Linux SysAdmin
- InfoSec
- Hobby Enthusiast

Aardwolf UI Dev - Hacktoberfest, Easy mode 

Aardwolf UI - Serious question 

I was -really- hoping to have a positive update on tonight, but sadly I do not.

What I actually need is to be able to sit down with someone, and go over the whole app architecture so that I can figure out what in the heck is -supposed- to happen...

okay... doing the dice roller in is not *completely* off track for because I really should learn more about it because

Well... I -WAS- going to propose some -related stuff, but I want to actually formulate the thought before I do that.

I wish someone would pay me $30/hour to... 


The look really cool, but unfortunately I do not have enough of a foothold to actually submit an application...

I did START one, but quit while filling out the experience part....

Maybe when FINALLY launches....

What would REALLY help out right now is getting the new templates into the Rust templates ( )

I need SOOO much help on thaty head is throbbing.

All the PR's have been merged (or canceled), and the Master bramch should bnow have working message posts.

But I have been gone so long I havent even tried a build recently

If hits a version 1.0 I will no longer have anything to complain about.

That means more positivity from me. Maybe even new (gasp!)

If you are willing, and able to actively collaborate on a Python fork of please let me know.

I am still weighing it as an viable option to get a proof-of-concept rolling. Largely because the community is fractionally small compared to . My only real requirement is that the two projects stay close together.

The UI for instance should be shared.

If you are a developer interestested in Fediverse apps then check out !!

We are working on a Facebook alternative. Long term we want to integrate with , , , and (also written in RustLang).


cc: @aardwolf


If you really need to scratch the server itch, maybe contribute to ? ;)

mh - 

Perhaps crossing my fingers for more help in 2019 might actually work this time.

20 minutes ago I had zero ideas about what an article might look like. Mostly because I was thinking "help wanted advert". Now I am taking the story back to the beginning...

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