Apparenly... I am incomplete?

This actually explains a bunch of things.


Bricky - Second Lieutenant to the Lord of Lies, Duke of the Left Hand

Computer dice
Right-hand side: Factory Stock
Left-hand side: Custom

Ruby bug, help wanted. 

Don't click this, Puns 

CrushCrush, Odango 

and without even powering it on I've "broken the seal" and swapped out the keycaps for the configuration I was -hoping- would come factory ;-;

my poor heart....

Soo... I PROMISE I will stop ranting after this, but one of my pre-orders showed up WAY ahead of schedule.

Hoping the other one follows soon ,>.>

Dating Simulations 

Dating Simulations 

Thanks firefox

"Camping under the stars is a great chance to view the night sky. And to feed the mosquitoes".

BIG phone.

Taller, and way heavier than my One Plus 2

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