I am having a conundrum.

- My FAVORITE Linux distro (Salix) appears to have gone dormant (source: Distrowatch)
- Slackware proper has been having financial issues :( (also distrowatch)

So now what.

Do I....

- Pick a new distro?
- Use the same stuff I've been using since... forever
- Go whole hog and switch to *BSD?

@banjofox What are the things you like about Salix? This is probably the most important thing to identify ...

If you need security updates reliably, the Debian (Ubuntu of course, but also elementary and pop!) and RedHat (Fedora & friends) derivatives are excellent. They're also good at carrying up-to-date versions.

Are you relying on the unix toolchain to do things (by that I mean everything from shell scripting to actual code development)? The switch to a BSD changes those tools just enough to be a big mental shift ... different flags for common tools (I especially trip up on dateand ps...)

Are you relying on end-user software that isn't completely free/open/available? You should check compatibility if you switch away from a Linux to a BSD, but I guess most of that stuff was not usually going to work on a slackware anyway ...

@banjofox I wouldn't use unsupported distro, that's for sure

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