@banjofox a classic, though I've heard from a number of people that it's hard to get that exact tone of humour it was originally written for with anyone who didn't live through the height of cold war paranoia.



I've played a bunch, and now own the newest edition (and some XP-era books), and it seems fairly straightforward.

Just as much of it though is haing the right group of players.


@banjofox oh cool nice to see another loadingreadyrun fan, the original was written very much for a certain genre of cold war dark humour oh, the modern ones have updated the humour to be more accessible to a modern audience and a bit more slapstick or at least this is what I've heard from some old timers. I've only played paranoia XP myself yeah, but reading the older books the humour does seem different


Yeah for sure.
The 2017 "Red Clearance Edition"(?) is VERY different. The focus has shifted away from Communist threats, and is more of a generalized surveillance-state sort of feel.

it is a nice refresh reflective of the current era.

@banjofox that's good XP was kind of a hot mess that was trying to do some sort of commentary on the war on terror without actually hitting the mark

@banjofox I'm a fan of an old game called alternity, or at least the settings that came with it, ever heard of it?

@banjofox Star Drive is a setting I've considered rewriting for personal use due to some pretty annoying flaws in the original with regards to scale and timeline and such cool ideas but flawed implementations

@banjofox imagine traveller if it had been written in the 90s instead of the 70s. so it's main Inspirations would be Star Wars, Star Trek, Andromeda, and it is the indirect ancestor of stuff like Firefly.

@banjofox First published 1977. There is a reason computers are measured in tons in the first book.

@banjofox I understand it's being retconned pretty heavily over the years, the original Little black books didn't even have much of in the way of a setting, or at least the hardcover reprint that I owned didn't

@banjofox @Canageek FASA started out doing third party stuff for Traveller.

@Canageek @banjofox I'd have to go back and look. I don't know the editions.

@Canageek @WanderingBeekeeper

There is a new 2017/2018 edition which I started collecting (because complicated reasons).

Never played rhough

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