@banjofox I tried to eat a whole bowl but it was impastable


My impasta syndrome came when I put too much pepper on my noodles. I had a great sneeze, and the meatball ran away v;-;v


Also I am donating my point of inspiration to you.

it is safer with you.

@banjofox @noelle The precedent is that chat participants may donate their inspiration, but only to NPCs.


Well. My stipulation is that @noelle gets it.

if she can't have it, then I will put it in a safe place until such time as the rules change :p

@Crash @noelle

That, and I find that NPC-only rule to be rather Draconic

@banjofox @noelle You only say that because most NPCs right now are either dragons or in league with dragons.

@Crash @banjofox ...in fairness, several PCs are either dragons or scheming to be in league with dragons.

@Crash @banjofox "With me, my scaly comrades! You have nothing to lose but the ancient mystic orbs that command your obedience!"

@noelle @Crash

Weird.... I was using it in the "overly harsh" definition, but the scaly version works too :D

(( totally a lie.... I used it because it was ironically fitting.... that and I think Ellie & Daldane are both swell. ))

@banjofox @Crash I dunno, Crash may have a different opinion of both of us, given that Daldain's Wish in yesterday's session derailed the apocalypse. ;)

@noelle @banjofox You currently have no evidence to support that.

In part because the apocalypse is happening on three fronts and you only messed with one of them.

@Crash @banjofox Well, okay, fair. We are kind of in a multiple-choice apocalypse at the moment.

@Crash @banjofox I'm just saying, I have access to a reality-breaking spell, I broke reality in a way I suspect you didn't expect. (And I am being a stickler for the penalties for that behavior!)

@noelle @banjofox I appreciate all of these things, I just would not make assumptions IRT the results of your changes.

For the record, if I got upset about the plot heading in ways I didn't expect, I wouldn't DM. Even low level campaigns can throw everything off the beaten path by miles, and you, young lady, are not playing a low level character.

@Crash @banjofox In fairness, judging by my HP, I may not be playing a high-level character much longer either. ;)

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