At least the GOOD news is that I think I finally found a -reasonable- solution that was "just enough hardware".

Let me know how this goes, I'm low-key looking for something with multiple mic inputs to record as independent channels and this might fit the bill.


What are you trying to do?
It sounds like you'd do better with a mixing board, or a different Focusrite unit.


I can also upload a couple of samples if you want :)


Either streaming or recording D&D sessions. One of the podcasts I actively follow records each person on their own channel so it's easier to edit for balance and/or unwanted noise.

For streaming I'll only need one XLR input, but for recording live play ttrpgs I don't know if it's better to get something with more inputs or to have multiple single-input units.


Funny... I use my setup for both ;)
but my DnD Games are also only over Discord.

Balancing multiple inputs for a live play would -seem- to be easier with a mixer, or multi-input device with individual gain adjusters.

@banjofox I listen to Sneak Attack and Titans of All'Terra regularly and they record each person on their own channel:

I'm amused you posted the link to your podcast. I had saved the link to it in a browser when you mentioned samples in a previous reply :) (had I waited, this would have saved me some scrolling haha)


Well so far everything posted is only using the Scarlet 2i2.

The dbx is new as of yesterday :)


Hrrrrrrm... looking at their link I see a lot of things different.... namely we export to m4a (AAC codec) not MP3

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