I think I want to upgrade my gear. Therefore I come to you for another recommendation.

At the moment I am looking at ART Tube pre-amps

The MP looks sufficient, but the MPC has more doodads and blinkenlights. we like those.


having done some actual snooping around, I'm not sure if a pre-amp is going "fix" my low-input volume (imo).

Running a compressor in Audacity seems to clear all that up though, but it doesn't really help when live streaming >.<


For that cost I might as well upgrade everything else first x) or just be okay with keeping the Scarlett at max gain

It -also- occurred to me that the OS mic level might be set low.... that would be embarrassing :D

@banjofox keep your eyes open for $50 compressor/limiter stompboxes at your local pawn shop and see how it does


Ooo that would be a good idea :D

Thanks friend :)

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