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to Banjo
- Conspiracy realist
- Possibly a furry
- Certainly [REDACTED]
- Project manager for which is trying to
- Imposter
- Not quite a
- supporter
- Cis/white/male (yeah I said it! :P)

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I am a beliver in , possibly a government experimentation participant, not even furry garbage (too low on heirarchy), copy/paste coder, alleged founder of the project, probably unstable (molecunuclear), meepmorp, 1100100100010010001011100110020011100100100111001

podcasting frustrations 

Had a discussion with Liz on the way home from the funeral.

When either of us dies, there will be a memorial picnic. With select readings from Terry Pratchett, and moments for quiet reflection.

And then games and drinks and pie and ice cream. Because funerals are for the living.


Sometime in 2020, will win an award for no longer making episodes.

last song of the night

"Money Shot" by Puscifer

Now Playing:


Working my way through an entire Venetian Snares album, then onto the New TOOL

hey is anyone up for jackbox party pack tonight :boost_ok:

Twtich Streaming - Just Chilin' 

What should I do tonight?

Open to doing a Live AMA, streaming something (twitch, or Mixer), quiet reflection alone...

what are your thoughts?

This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

nsf-anyone, violence, kink 

podcasting, asking advice 

Gaming Podcast! 

Gaming Podcast! 

" are going to be playing after you /allegedly/ kill Doctor Lucky anyways...."


"in you are trying to create the corpse for Clue. If you don't kill Doctor Lucky there is no Clue"

for the record... I will NOT remove my comments regarding in episode 19 :P

@Raspathir me and I stand by my emotional reaction

no banjo... do NOT take the spacebar off right now... you need that to do things....


I would REALLY REALLY like someone to mod my cause I am skurred to do it myself.

Basically I really just want to add two more RGB LED's to the spacebar. The "support" switches make it REALLLY REALLY nice to type on but they don't light up :(

so only the middle part of the PRETTY DESIGN gets shown and it makes me sads...

Maybe a project for the

okay... seriously.... we talked BRIEFLY about the game and now I want to buy a copy....

Not that I will actually get to PLAY mind you... but I want the ability to play if I can. -.-

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