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Hi my name is Banjo.
This is a little bit about me

- Puppet Leader for the project (
- Podcaster (
- Budding eccentric
- Conspiracy Realist
- Believer that Reptilians are hiding Sasquatch
- Paranoia fan
- Mostly Safe
- Plural
- Strange Wizard
- Coder/Hacker
- NOT a Furry
- Deviated Prevert
- Linux SysAdmin
- InfoSec
- Hobby Enthusiast

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to Banjo
- Conspiracy realist
- Possibly a furry
- Certainly [REDACTED]
- Project manager for which is trying to
- Imposter
- Not quite a
- supporter
- Cis/white/male (yeah I said it! :P)

About Me -

About Aardwolf -

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I am a beliver in , possibly a government experimentation participant, not even furry garbage (too low on heirarchy), copy/paste coder, alleged founder of the project, probably unstable (molecunuclear), meepmorp, 1100100100010010001011100110020011100100100111001

Animal Crossing - Stream + offering to help 

@banjofox Sorry I haven't been active on Matrix, I haven't been running my server because it was really hard on my raspberry pis

I wanted to point you to this post, though. I've recently picked back up ActivityPub development & built myself a relay

This helped me prove out the
- activitystreams lib
- http sigs lib
- rsa pem lib (soon to be obsoleted by upstream rsa lib)
- rsa magic public key lib
- webfinger lib

I've also taken time to upgrade some of my libs to the latest Actix Web version

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finally! here is my post about the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game; my initial thoughts and how it compares a bit to the original games!

you should check it out! this was really fun to info dump about :pokeball:


Rust question 

Rust question 

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Rust question 

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Hey all,

If you have a podcast, and want me to add your listing to the lemme know :)

-- This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER --
(I will run out of spoons to maintain the list pretty quickly)

1 -- The purpose is to CROSS PROMOTE each others shows, just like other "networks" do.

2 -- This is NOT a hosting service :(
I know.... it would be NICE to have such a thing, but that sort of project is not something I am willing to even consider starting.

if anyone out there knows where I can get a arcade cabinet lemme know!

Source code is OPEN!

Please feel free to make improvements.

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I removed the random bytes on the end of the URL so that it now doesn't render weird.

but I broke your boost/favorite v.v

The Federated Podcast Network website is now online!

(( Sorry about the link... the "preview" doesn't work... and it makes me sad ))

Has anyone tried running Steam games on a PineBook?


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