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Hi my name is Banjo.
This is a little bit about me

- Puppet Leader for the project (
- Podcaster (
- Budding eccentric
- Conspiracy Realist
- Believer that Reptilians are hiding Sasquatch
- Paranoia fan
- Mostly Safe
- Plural
- Strange Wizard
- Coder/Hacker
- NOT a Furry
- Deviated Prevert
- Linux SysAdmin
- InfoSec
- Hobby Enthusiast

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to Banjo
- Conspiracy realist
- Possibly a furry
- Certainly [REDACTED]
- Project manager for which is trying to
- Imposter
- Not quite a
- supporter
- Cis/white/male (yeah I said it! :P)

About Me -

About Aardwolf -

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I am a beliver in , possibly a government experimentation participant, not even furry garbage (too low on heirarchy), copy/paste coder, alleged founder of the project, probably unstable (molecunuclear), meepmorp, 1100100100010010001011100110020011100100100111001

somebody posted a proof of a lower-bound solution for a decades-old combinatorics problem on a 4chan anime board

(the anime famously aired out of order, so it's kind of relevant)

It's cool to join a team, and start helping them do threat research, and one of them brings up a new CVE that you personally know the researcher who found it, and reach out to ask questions about.

Let's coo over this baby bat with the cutest little batwing pacifier.

What if... I turned out to not only be a furry... but also a Wendigo (like scp-1471)

Upcoming #blaseball game between the Shoe Thieves and the Garages might be interesting. tied 2-2, best of 5, and the weather is "if you score ten runs, receive a win and reset runs to 0"*
So there's a very real possibility of the series sitting at 3-3 to 3-2 after this game.

*Modulo 10 scoring has made for some really interesting chaos this season.

I am having a conundrum.

- My FAVORITE Linux distro (Salix) appears to have gone dormant (source: Distrowatch)
- Slackware proper has been having financial issues :( (also distrowatch)

So now what.

Do I....

- Pick a new distro?
- Use the same stuff I've been using since... forever
- Go whole hog and switch to *BSD? has folded past Red Hat to take position 1,129

Animal Crossing - Stream + offering to help 

if you are an fan, my wife is currently streaming on Twitch.

She was also going to help out others to get further along in the game.


@banjofox Sorry I haven't been active on Matrix, I haven't been running my server because it was really hard on my raspberry pis

I wanted to point you to this post, though. I've recently picked back up ActivityPub development & built myself a relay

This helped me prove out the
- activitystreams lib
- http sigs lib
- rsa pem lib (soon to be obsoleted by upstream rsa lib)
- rsa magic public key lib
- webfinger lib

I've also taken time to upgrade some of my libs to the latest Actix Web version

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finally! here is my post about the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game; my initial thoughts and how it compares a bit to the original games!

you should check it out! this was really fun to info dump about :pokeball:


Rust question 

I have Route defined like this:

#[derive(Copy, Clone)]
pub struct Route {
path: &'static str,
action: fn(&&str, &mut Response),

I've implemented new(), get_path(), set_path(), get_action(), and set_action(), all of them public.

I have a vec! of Routes, and I want to iterate over it and find the first Route that has a `path` that matches a provided &str. I'm using

vec!.into_iter().find(|x| x.get_path() == my_str)

but I'm getting borrowing/mutability errors. Any ideas?

Rust question 

(As should be apparent from my comment in the last toot, I'm entirely open to the idea that I'm Doing This Wrong, but please do focus on the area in question. I'm trying to solve a problem, not open up the floor for general commentary.)

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Rust question 

Check out src/ and src/ if you want to see the full Baby's First Web Server.

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Hey all,

If you have a podcast, and want me to add your listing to the lemme know :)

-- This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER --
(I will run out of spoons to maintain the list pretty quickly)

1 -- The purpose is to CROSS PROMOTE each others shows, just like other "networks" do.

2 -- This is NOT a hosting service :(
I know.... it would be NICE to have such a thing, but that sort of project is not something I am willing to even consider starting.

if anyone out there knows where I can get a arcade cabinet lemme know!

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