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Hi my name is Banjo.
This is a little bit about me

- Puppet Leader for the project (
- Podcaster (
- Budding eccentric
- Conspiracy Realist
- Believer that Reptilians are hiding Sasquatch
- Paranoia fan
- Mostly Safe
- Plural
- Strange Wizard
- Coder/Hacker
- NOT a Furry
- Deviated Prevert
- Linux SysAdmin
- InfoSec
- Hobby Enthusiast

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to Banjo
- Conspiracy realist
- Possibly a furry
- Certainly [REDACTED]
- Project manager for which is trying to
- Imposter
- Not quite a
- supporter
- Cis/white/male (yeah I said it! :P)

About Me -

About Aardwolf -

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I am a beliver in , possibly a government experimentation participant, not even furry garbage (too low on heirarchy), copy/paste coder, alleged founder of the project, probably unstable (molecunuclear), meepmorp, 1100100100010010001011100110020011100100100111001

Has anyone tried running Steam games on a PineBook?


on the off chance that anyone wants to watch my dum arse play video games....

I have aquired "We need to go deeper".

JUST starting out.


These fricken modern games take up god awful amounts of hard drive space -.-

Donations for a Friend. 

Me: Hey @Raspathir how's VR Chat been treating you?
Raspathir: Actually I really like it!
Me: Are you ready for your BTL chip yet?
Raspathir: Where do I get a slot, and how much does it cost?

I'm selling synths on ebay! 

Begpost, sorry again 

Is there such a thing as "Casual PVP" in video games?

Because I feel like would fall into that category.

I REALLY don't like PvP gaming because it always causes me a lot of anxiety.... but for some reason I didn't have that with The Ship. It was goofy, and funny. Mostly because you get SOOOO focused on your quarry, that you forget a lot of things.


@Raspathir and I are now playing online.

LiveStream -

DM me if you want to join.

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