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- Conspiracy realist
- Possibly a furry
- Certainly [REDACTED]
- Project manager for which is trying to
- Imposter
- Not quite a
- supporter
- Cis/white/male (yeah I said it! :P)

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I am a beliver in , possibly a government experimentation participant, not even furry garbage (too low on heirarchy), copy/paste coder, alleged founder of the project, probably unstable (molecunuclear), meepmorp, 1100100100010010001011100110020011100100100111001

Part of me really wants to go back to Slackware.

The other part remembers just how much my "need" to "stay current" also interferes with working Slackware builds.

So really, I should stay on Windows, and pop in that SAS RAID card for a RAID 10 to speed things up.


Cords/cables are now known as "Signal Noodles"

I have spent 80% of the day emptying 70% of my office which was a cluttery mess.

Almost everything has been sorted into piles of keep, donate, and recycle.

I have done an AWFUL lot of stuff today....


Fundraising for my classroom 

.... I did say that I was going to play till i SOLVEd one game ... right?

okay... I am going to play


game of Cruel (solitaire) then go to bed.

of course my NEXT goal is to find hi-rez pictures of the design so I can custom print a deskpad for ONE of the keyboards I dont have yet.... that's cool.

So... I have an idea... and literally the worst thing that could happen is that the vendor says nothing.

Responding with "no" would be second worst.

Oh wait....

watching the video almost ALL of the most common picks are in the PRAXIS kit XD


His mouth filled with an aching taste of old Europa, dead men sealed in little boxes, magic out of China.

movie quote 

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