it is i, chrom from the fire embull series

what is scraping in the context of whatever is going on here

ever think about how AOL Instant Messenger outlived both MSN and Miiverse

cw exclusionists 

i feel very uncomfortable talking to someone who is potentially an exclusionists of some sorts. likely a truscum.


i am so fucking tired of America and how they gloat whenever they do a thing that ends up making things worse for everyone in the long run. the most arrogant ass country i swear to god

Feels weird to say we're in the 20s now lol

oh my god dragalia lost why are you overly generous to me right now

47 summon vouchers
8 million rupees (i already have 11 mil)
so much wymite (probably 1500)
tons of gemstones and crystals to upgrade my characters
etc etc

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