She's primarily an outdoors cat in the sense of if you open the door for her to get in. She doesn't come in and instead proudly walks away...
Even if it looks like she is begging to get in like in the video...

Can't believe I'm only asking this now but how do you Mastodon effectively and expose yourself to a wider range of people and come off as interesting etc

Will Smith really doesn’t wanna build a snowman 


The people in this cat collecting game are having a good year so far

Stay at
Wear a

Wow, I can't believe England vanished less then an hour ago

ask @ampersin about my amazing pudge plays.
Dendi got nothing on me!

ask @jolteon about my amazing earthshaker plays. TI winning stuff right there.

Elekk: Gameing and Other Delightful Pursuits

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