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Up to date on the MSQ. Tomorrow I'll try my hand at the new raids.

The late notifications on Tusky drive me bonkers

Been too wiped out to work on Altimit OS for a little while but after the next week and a half work should calm down and I'll be back on it wooo

It's not immediately clear in this particular track but Keiko's voice manages to massively overshadow the other singers even when she's only singing backing, it's incredible.

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When I first heard the live Yuki Kajiura 2008 performances of the .hack//sign and .hack//liminality tracks I audibly said "oh my god".

Just got back home from Sonic and it was GOOD

Been playing the Sims 3 non-stop recently

Health stuff 

Just paid the shipping for the fragment beta oooeeoooooooo
Long work week next week so might have to postpone looking at it for a bit after it arrives

More .hack stuff. I've been working on an Altimit OS webapp in my spare time. It's nothing special but I'm proud of it so far.

I finally got my hands on the beta disc for .hack//fragment aaaahhhhhhh

Someone just tried to tell me the MMO from .hack used VR tech (it doesn't) with this as their argument.
Don't recall any instances of people getting their consciousness stuck in VRchat, personally.

I wish my family would stop turning off the central heating before going out. My house is freezing by the time I wake up. :-(

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Dear game designers who make missable sidequests:

What is wrong with you? Fucking stop.

A gamer

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