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We hit our targets at work and now we're getting £20 store vouchers. Might use that and my staff discount to finally get the last volume of .hack//imoq.

My manager giving me a long speech about why horizon zero dawn was a terrible boring shitty game after I mentioned I loved it was, surprisingly I'm sure, not the highlight of my day.

Now I need to decide what game to play when I've finished the expansion. Maybe Destiny 1, maybe Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, maybe Far Cry 5, endless choice.

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Just completed Horizon Zero Dawn's main story. Really looking forward to the expansion now. What a great game.

Need a new fandom to get into and make nice things for.

Swear people spend longer correcting their amazon echo because it played the wrong song than they do actually listening to the music it's churning out.
I think they enjoy the novelty of talking to a hockey puck more than they enjoy the things it actually does.

I didn't even realise the guy playing Julian in The Flash is DRACO MALFOY

Popup adverts are terrible but more websites need to do the thing where you click a button and something pops up in a separate browser window that's a certain size that's designed to be a little mini-window with limited functionality that closes when you click send or whatever.

My friend bought me a Zelda poster for secret santa and I finally got round to putting it up above my desk. :triforce:

Recently been playing some Ragnarok Online for something relaxed to click on when I don't have the spoons for games with lots of story. Never really got into this game before now but it's very charming.
The user base seems friendly too.

I watched this Gordon Ramsay answers cooking questions from Twitter video and apparently the person who was editing in the little twitter-style popups couldn't be bothered to look up how Worcestershire is spelt.

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Hopefully this doesn't mean I get rained on on my lunch and walk home

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They're playing the song of storms over the speakers at work

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