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Ugh my mom has bought the amazon echo show. can't wait to have every moment of my life recorded and uploaded to amazon :blobsad:

Gonna play some comfy vita in the warm house while it rains outside oooooh

Started reading Batman: The Long Hallowe'en this morning. It's more interesting than the last Batman I read by a long shot.

At the shop I volunteer at they never tell me when things are reduced so I keep ringing stuff up at full price and then the customer gets squiffy at me. :frisk:

I bought a pack of toothbrushes made of bamboo and the bristles are infused with charcoal.

Been playing .hack//G.U. Last Recode. I've never really been a fan of G.U. but the PC port runs great so I hope we get IMOQ ported eventually.

It drives me more crazy than it should that some units of time are metric and others aren't.

Couldn't go to my volunteer job today because a migraine hit me at 1am :(

Patreon account suspended for suspected fraud, great

My friend bought the PC version of Panzer Dragoon from the CEX website but they sent him this instead.

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happy 20th birthday Sega Dreamcast!

Nearly finished Va-11 Hall-A.
Looking forward to going through and getting the rest of the trophies.

Completely forgot they had remastered The Last Remnant. What a cool game.

Every time I play Monster Hunter World I feel like I'm playing it completely wrong.

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