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It drives me more crazy than it should that some units of time are metric and others aren't.

Couldn't go to my volunteer job today because a migraine hit me at 1am :(

Patreon account suspended for suspected fraud, great

My friend bought the PC version of Panzer Dragoon from the CEX website but they sent him this instead.

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Nearly finished Va-11 Hall-A.
Looking forward to going through and getting the rest of the trophies.

Completely forgot they had remastered The Last Remnant. What a cool game.

Every time I play Monster Hunter World I feel like I'm playing it completely wrong.

Want to get back to Destiny 2 for a bit but I simply can't afford any of the DLC right now

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No judgement against people who hate-watch things, I just wish I had the spoons to think that was even a feasible pastime for me.

You do you, but when something hits all the wrong buttons for me I'm cutting it out of my life, not subscribing.

Someone has been circulating this photo of me on Discord and it needs to stop

Really dislike the Manjaro logo but I like Manjaro a lot

I have a group interview soon and I'm bricking it

My niece calls her android tablet her iPad.
My mom and stepdad call their windows tablet their iPad.

It's too hot to play games but I really want to play more Ni no Kuni 2 aaaahhhh

13 reasons why, ~opinions~ 

The private server I run is doing a summertime event and we turned the main hub to night time and set up a cute Japanese market and fish scooping for tokens.

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